2020 Social Media Marketing Trends

So far in 2020, the UK has seen a never-before surge in mobile usage rates, with 96% of social media users being super active on various social platforms over the last few months. In January, more than 75% of users engaged with social media. UK businesses are tapping the advantage of such a broad audience to bolster their brand visibility and increase their profit beyond measure.

Recent market research suggested that nearly 70% of businesses with 10 to 49 employees actively used social media to promote their brand. It is best to hire a social media agency to stay one step ahead of your competitors and increase your profit margins.

These reputed agencies implement the latest social media marketing techniques cost-effectively, bolstering your sales. Here are some of the significant 2020 social media marketing trends that will make your business reach its target demographic and increase your online footprint.

Video Content is Here to Stay

Video content will dominate most of the popular social media platforms. It is turning into the most engaging and shared type of content on social channels. Youtube videos have become so prevalent that they rank high in Google search, and these videos get shared on other platforms like Facebook.

That’s why social media agencies make videos an essential aspect of their overall content strategy. With the average engagement rate of nearly 7% for videos on Facebook, uploading video posts is a better way to engage viewers.

Augment Reality to Go Mainstream

It is an effort to enhance reality with the use of digitally generated images and features. The best-known examples being Pokemon Go and Snapchat filters and lenses, the technology incorporates digital elements into the actual line of sight.

Augmented reality (AR) will play a significant role once personalised marketing and product discovery gain traction. The social media agencies can leverage augmented reality with AR-based virtual stores on social media, live events, and enhanced brand awareness.

Visual Storytelling Emerging as An Ever-Green Social Trend

Recent trends suggest that social media users prefer social media stories that are more visual than text or image. Snapchat introduced a short-video format and changed the landscape of social media marketing strategy.

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, a skilled social media agency will utilise the endless marketing opportunities that stories offer. They can go one step ahead by including polls, creating more engagement via interactive content.

Chatbots To Be A Critical Aspect of Social Media Marketing

Chatbots work on AI technology and use real-time messaging to chat with your website visitors 24/7.

Consumers prefer interacting with the businesses over chatbots, as they are quite responsive, giving them the information they require, round the clock.

Most social media agencies will recommend you use chatbot technology to meet your customer’s expectations.

More Businesses to Invest in Influencer Marketing

With millennials in the UK spending an average of £155 a month on health and fitness, sports and fitness brands use influencers.

It is just one example to show that influencer marketing is not going anywhere. Social media influencers boost brand messages to a bigger market by spreading a word about your brand through social handles.

However, macro-influencers with their millions of followers are pricey. That’s why social media agencies vouch for micro-influencers to achieve better engagement for your business at reasonable rates! The agencies consider it as one of the top trends in social media marketing.

Social Commerce Will be a Big Deal

2020 will see the much-awaited merge of e-commerce and social media.

With Gen Z spending more on shopping on social media like Snapchat and Instagram, shoppable posts offer a superior user experience for online buyers.

An experienced social media agency will harness the growth of social commerce to help you create shorter sales funnels. It gives consumers access to a smooth and quick buyer’s experience that will surely increase customer satisfaction.

Social Listening Will Be a Power Tool

With social listening, businesses can identify what customers are saying about them on social media platforms. The social listening tools, powered by AI and ML, are capable of understanding customers’ perceptions of a brand.

Social media agencies create a marketing strategy and focus on using them for lead generation and preventing content theft.

With about 67% of Britons on social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the three most popular social media platforms in the UK. The social media channels provide golden opportunities for businesses to increase their sales in the UK’s online marketing arena. The skilled social media agencies play an instrumental role in strategizing on a per-platform basis. Hire an experienced agency that works in line with the current trends for your social media marketing campaigns to stand out on social media.

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