3 Pros Of Traveling In An RV

If you’re a family or an individual that enjoys taking long trips in the car, it could be time to consider buying an RV. RV’s allow for you to travel for long lengths of time without needing to return to a city to get a hotel, making them the ultimate option for people who are looking to spend long amounts of time backpacking or “off the grid”

Below, we’ll cover why RV’s have become more popular in recent years and why you should consider renting or owning one.

Why Have RV’s Become More Popular?

RV stands for “recreational vehicle,” and they’re normally large vehicles that hold beds, storage, and in many cases, a working toilet. In more recent years, living in an RV part-time or full-time has become a much more popular option for many reasons. Part of the reason for this is due to people not wanting to make a rent or a mortgage payment while also making a car payment. Instead, they wrap the two into one through owning an RV. This allows RV owners to save money in the long run because owning an RV is normally much cheaper than owning a home would be.

Another main reason that “van life” has become possible in the last decade is due to the rise of remote jobs. With changes in technology, and internal structural changes at many companies, more and more people can work remotely for their jobs. This allows them to not be tied down to any one location as they go about during their normal work. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing offices to close for long periods of time, it seems that there will be even more people working remotely in the near-future. As a result, choosing to live in an RV could become even more popular.

Why You Should Take An RV For Your Next Vacation

Even if you aren’t looking to live in an RV full, you should consider renting or buying one before your next vacation.

You Can Save Money By Traveling In An RV

Although it’s no secret that many RVs get extremely low gas mileage (with some getting as low as 10 MPG), the money that you end up saving from other expenses makes up for the money that you spend on gas. With an RV, you’ll be able to stay overnight in your mobile home instead of needing to rent a hotel each night. Having an RV also provides you with more flexibility because you’ll be able to stop overnight at any camping ground. If you’re unsure of how many miles you’ll be able to travel in a day, then this makes for an excellent option.

You’ll also be able to save money on your trip by not eating out. Since most RV’s have full kitchens in them, you can buy your normal groceries at the store and then cook on your trip. This will allow you to cut out a major expense that accompanies vacations.

Additionally, although RVs use a lot of gas, you’ll (most likely) be able to save money by not booking a plane ticket. If you’re renting the RV, the cost will probably break even on this point, but if you own your RV then the cost will be significantly lower.

Written by Courtney Huck

You’ll Have Enhanced Flexibility For Your Trip

Unlike when you’re booking plane tickets that are set on someone else’s schedule, if you have an RV you can decide to leave your home whenever you want, and you can easily decide to extend your vacation if you decide that you haven’t seen enough on your trip yet. For example, if you’re in a beautiful part of the country and decide that you want to spend a few extra days hiking, then you have the flexibility to do it.

Likewise, if you have a sudden change in plans and want to leave earlier than you originally planned, you won’t have to deal with the mess of changing your flights.

More Family Bonding

While traveling by Rv can take an extended amount of time to reach your final destination, this time spent together in the car can be beneficial to your family. Your kids can play cards and spend time checking out the views along the drive, which they’d struggle to do if you’re traveling by airplane. Consider taking the kids’ electronic devices away for an hour or so each day so that they have to interact with the world around them. Make it a goal that each day one of your children needs to come up with a historical fact or a fun fact about an area that you’re passing through! Don’t be hesitant to take detours so that you and your family can experience the places you’re passing right by along your journey.

Traveling by RV is a wonderful way for your family to experience the country. Traveling to your destination can be just as fun as visiting the destination itself.

Not Sure What RV Is Right For You?

You’ve decided you want to rent or purchase an RV and you’re suddenly thinking, “what now?” One of the best ways to decide which RV is right for you is by researching different vehicles or reading reviews. A help base, like RVnGO reviews, can help you determine what you want (and don’t want) in your RV. They can also help you determine what a good price is for a vehicle by allowing you to price compare or ask the community a question.

Although many RVs don’t require a special kind of license, you’ll want to check what the requirements are for your state.

If you’re going to be living in an RV full time, also take into consideration what typ of lifestyle you lead. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in cities, then you’ll want to buy a smaller Class B vehicle, but if you’re going to be in your van for a long period of time in remote areas, then you’ll want a Class A vehicle.

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