4 Reasons Not to Put Off Commercial Roof Repairs Until Spring

For commercial property managers, the final quarter of the year can be a busy time, and the turbulence so many businesses have experienced in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic is only likely to make things more stressful this year. 

But while the financial picture might not be ideal, it is important not to cut corners when it comes to end-of-year roof maintenance and repair work. If you’re tempted to wait a few months to book that roofing inspection or patching job, here are four reasons not to put off calling your Ajax roofer until spring. 

1. Most Damage Happens in Winter

Hot summers and rainy autumns can be hard on commercial properties, but there is no question that a commercial property experiences the most stress during winter. Not only must the roof contend with the additional weight load caused by frequent snows, freezing rain and ice can damage roofing components and membranes. 

There is also the problem of drainage. Many commercial flat roofs rely on a series of internal drains to channel precipitation into the municipal sewer system. Falling debris and ice can cause these drains to clog, leading water to pool on the roof deck. 

Furthermore, in a city like Toronto, where winter is increasingly marked by significant swings in temperature, there is the additional strain caused by alternating periods of freezing and thawing. This can cause buildings to shrink and expand, placing more pressure on structural components and potentially opening up tears and fissures in roofing materials. 

This can cause leaks, but even when it doesn’t, roofing components are weathered considerably more than they would be if the temperature were to remain relatively constant. All of this means that during the winter months, your roof will have to put up with significantly more strain than in any other season. 

2. Putting Repairs Off Drives Up Costs

Given that winter is the season that puts the most stress on a commercial property, problems that are relatively small in October or November can become major liabilities by April or May. 

The number one reason property owners put off repairs is because of the expense. Commercial roof repair can involve significant expenses, and as the year draws to a close some property managers may feel they simply can’t afford the added cost. 

But the truth is that roofing repairs are not like other expenses that can simply be shifted from this quarter to the next one; putting repairs off for the winter can lead to exponentially greater costs, so it is always better to undertake them while your Ajax roofing company can still access your building’s roof deck. 

3. Roofing Leaks Can Disrupt Business

Whether you let to renters or businesses, your tenants rely on you to keep the spaces they rent safe and dry — the last thing either of you needs is for a leak to spring in the middle of January. As the owner of the building, you are responsible for taking care of repairs in a timely way, and to ensure that your tenants are minimally affected by them. 

When you put of roofing repairs, you don’t only risk damage to your building, you also risk damaging the relationships you have with the people and businesses that use your space. In an economy that has already been made shaky by the coronavirus pandemic, the last thing any commercial building manager wants is further vacancies, so make sure roofing problems will not be an issue for your tenants this winter. 

4. It is Easier to Book a Roofing Contractor in Autumn

For obvious reasons, summer is generally the busiest time of year for roofing companies. But while dropping temperatures and rising precipitation mean that fall is not an optimal roofing season, it also means that many contractors have more time to take on new work.

This means that if you have work that urgently needs to be done before winter, you may be able to avoid the kind of months-long turnaround that hiring a roofer involves in June or July. Check out your local Ajax roofing contractors to book an inspection and find out more about wait times. 

Taking care of a commercial property is a big responsibility. Not do you need to make sure that the building itself is in good condition, you also need to plan out repairs and work with tenants to ensure that the space is serving everyone’s needs in an optimal way. 

Ensuring that the roof is prepared for the harshest season of the year is one of the most significant things to take care of in the final quarter of the year, so if your roof is showing signs of damage, don’t put repairs off until spring. Call a local roofing company today. 

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