4 Writing Specialisms that Pay Good Money

The online gig economy is thriving right now, especially after people left their jobs during 2020 in pursuit of remote opportunities. From the comfort of your living room, there are so many paths you can take to earn good money online. For this article, we’re going to take a look at paid writing. Being a great writer is only half of the battle when it comes to well-paid writing jobs. You need to become an expert in one or two specialisms. By setting yourself up as an expert, you are more likely to instill faith in potential clients. Like most things, certain topics go in and out of fashion, so do your homework. With this in mind, let’s discuss the most lucrative writing specialisms right now.

Medical Writing

Given the events of the coronavirus pandemic, medical writing is a hot topic right now. As a medical writer, you will work with medical professionals to create a range of resources. You may find yourself writing research papers for peer review one month, and company newsletters the next week. People are always searching online to find out what’s wrong with them, so there will always be a gap in the market for medical writers. If this sounds of interest to you, you should complete this Introduction to Effective Medical Writing course to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

If you don’t know what cryptocurrency is, you’ve been doing the internet wrong. Currently, cryptocurrency and blockchain are taking the world by storm, as the likes of bitcoin and Ethereum are starting to be accepted at major retailers and banks. With this, there is a wealth of content hitting the internet and it all needs to be written by someone. To become a force to be reckoned with within this field, you will need to understand blockchain and have a deep understanding of cryptocurrencies. Further, you will need to keep up to date with changes to the market.

Finance and Personal Finance

Let’s face it, money is what makes the world go around and we will never see a world without it. Therefore, there will always be people looking for information on financial matters. Given the nature of finance, you need to be able to take a seemingly boring topic and turn it into an engaging piece. However, you should be doing this without adding unnecessary “fluff”.

Tech Writing

New technology is hitting the shelves every day, both on a consumer and commercial level, which means there will always be someone looking for information. If you have an in-depth understanding of technology, you stand to make serious money writing engaging and informative content. Again, you won’t make it in this field if you’re writing is full of “fluff”.

Making money from writing is easier said than done. You will need to become a specialist in a specific area and work out how to showcase your abilities. Once you’ve found your specialism, make sure you keep up to date. After all, the world is always changing.

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