5 Awesome Photography Tips for Beginners

Back in the day, people used simple box cameras to take pictures. Today, most people look at box cameras as relics. They were easy to use, though.

Now, even beginner shutterbugs can take breathtaking photos with a high-quality camera phone or one of the digital single-lens reflex (digital SLR or DSLR) cameras on the market today.

If you’ve recently purchased your first camera and you need a flash of inspiration to get out there and shoot your first photos, take a minute and read our photography tips for beginners. While this isn’t a technical how-to for your camera, these tips will help you master a few fun, creative techniques.

Get Creative with a Fixed Lens

While it’s correct DSLR cameras are popular with photographers of all calibers, you can capture excellent quality images with a fixed lens camera. Also called point and shoot cameras, the fixed lens means you don’t have to scramble swapping out a lens before you can get a good shot.

Using a fixed lens forces you to get up and move, which means you’ll have many opportunities to use different and more creative perspectives.

Most DSLRs come in kits and include a basic zoom lens. There are all kinds of advantages to mastering the various zoom lenses, but for beginners, a fixed lens can challenge you to be more creative.

The Eyes Have It

Some of the first images you’ll capture as a beginner are people.

You’ve likely seen some pretty interesting photos of people. You know, the ones with the images that are so out of focus you can’t tell who’s in the picture.

You’ll avoid many pitfalls associated with portrait photography if you focus on the subject’s eyes. Did you know when people look at portrait photos, they’re naturally drawn to the eyes?

If you want to use a photography tip that actually works, make sure the eyes are in focus first.

A Different Perspective

Have you already taken a bunch of photos? If so, you’ve likely taken most of them from eye level. That can result in some boring images!

Shooting from different perspectives adds interest to your pictures. Stand on a chair or get down on the floor. The goal is to get above or below the subject.

Try this:

You can do the same with buildings, people, and pets.

Learn the Art of Editing

Not all the pictures you take will be of perfect quality. You can, however, take some of your less than perfect images and enhance them with an editing tool like Photoshop.

Sometimes beginners shy away from editing tools because there’s such a significant learning curve.

Don’t let editing intimidate you. You can use a fantastic Photoshop alternative and learn the art of editing the fun and easy way!

Enjoy Our Photography Tips for Beginners?

We hope we’ve inspired you to get creative with your camera. Use these photography tips for beginners, and you’ll be well on your way to shooting some amazing photos.

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