5 Holiday Gifts for the Outdoor Adventurer in Your Life

Neighbors are hanging their lights, hoping to catch the eye of some passing reindeer. There are intermittent dustings of snow on the ground. And a constant barrage of Christmas music rings from every store. That can only mean one thing: holidays are right around the corner.

This holiday season is unlike any other, though. With medical professionals’ continuing advice to stay indoors, more people are turning to online shopping to tick off items on their gift list. Luckily, you can find just about anything online these days, including fantastic gifts for the outdoor adventurer in your life.

If you have a lover of the outdoors on your holiday gift list but aren’t sure what to get them, you’ve come to the right place. To get them something they’ll love and use, let’s assume they already have the basics: a reliable tent, a warm blanket, an accommodating backpack, and essential gear like a camping stove, LED light, etc.

The following gift ideas are for things they probably won’t expect – but they’ll definitely love!

Outdoor Wine Glasses Let Them Unwind Without Worry

Say you’ve reached the top of a mountain or found the end of an arduous trail. What better way to celebrate – and to take in the majestic sights – than with a glass of wine. The only problem is that conventional wine glasses aren’t made for outdoor use. Fragile and light, they can easily crack coming into contact with rocks or uneven terrain.

You can solve this age-old problem for your outdoor adventurer by giving them the gift of an outdoor wine glass set. The best outdoor wine glasses are either made from elegant-looking plastics, stainless steel, or silicone. And they’re expertly designed to withstand rough terrain.

Merino Wool Clothing Provides Warmth, Comfort, and Freshness Year-Round

Clothing is a classic holiday gift. If you’re shopping for clothing for an outdoor adventurer, you want items that are breathable, sweat-wicking, and appropriate for a range of temperatures.

Merino wool clothing items – especially those with great reviews – check all those boxes. The fine-fibred fabric is incredibly breathable, making it an ideal choice for hikes and treks. It’s also insulating, meaning it can keep your loved ones warm as they sit around the campfire. As a cherry on top, merino wool is sweat-wicking, so your giftee can stay fresh as they enjoy the great outdoors.

Look for a quality Merino wool shirt online or a travel hoodie you can pack light into your backpack. The outdoor adventurer on your list will love it!

Woodsy Incense Brings the Outdoors Inside

Not everyone can get outdoors this year. It’s a disheartening fact during the global pandemic and one that affects many outdoor lovers.

If your nature-lover can’t get out much this winter, give them a gift that lets them bring the outdoors inside. Woodsy incense – which you can find in pine, spruce, and other wood smells – brings the smoky scent of a campfire indoors. Relatively inexpensive, it makes for a great stocking stuffer to go alongside the outdoor wine glasses and merino wool clothing.

A GoPro Camera Lets Them Capture their Great Outdoors Experiences

There are plenty of great, compact digital cameras on the market, but the original – the GoPro – is still the gold standard.

Totally waterproof, it can be carted around in the rain for crystal clear landscape shots. Or, the adventurer on your list can even take it underwater to snap that once-in-a-lifetime picture of marine life. They aren’t as steep in price as they used to be, but they are still an investment. That said, if you’re looking to wow a loved one, a GoPro gets the job done.

Add Some Warmth to Their Holidays with a Portable Fire Pit

Because of COVID-19, more people – not just adventurers – are spending time outdoors. Therefore, you can view a portable fire pit as multi-functional. On the one hand, it can be used for its intended purpose of adding heat and light to your camping trip. On the other hand, your giftee can use it throughout the winter for warm, outdoor social gatherings.

Popular Mechanics has a well-researched list of the best portable fire pits, with options in several budget ranges.

To an outdoor adventurer, there’s no better gift than nature. But these awesome ideas come in a close second! Shop for them online today, and get them just in time for the end of December.

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