5 myths of App development cost busted

Digital era calls for digital technology. Similarly, the era of instant solution demands mobile applications. This can be validated by the fact that there are around 5.0 million Android and iOS applications available at the app store.

The reason for this much number of applications is the fact that businesses are offering portable solutions to consumers in just a click. Apart from that, the instant need for buying, ordering things, connecting with retailers or shoppers is getting short through mobile applications. This instant need for solutions made it a challenging task for a mobile app development company to bring the best app development solutions.

But in the middle of all this, there are myths being circulated in the mobile app development domain regarding app development cost. The cost to develop a mobile application plays an important role but myths related to it creates chaos in the market.

Here in this article, we will be busting 5 myths related to mobile app development-


1. Cost by country


There are myths that hiring a mobile app development company from any part of the country does not matter. Well, the reality is totally opposite. The choice of the country plays an important role in developing a mobile application. With the choice of country, the cost and quality will also differ as per regions and demographics. There are app development companies that charge hourly whereas there are companies that charge in quarters, segments, before app development completion, etc.

When deciding how much does it cost to design mobile app, the choice of a country impacts the overall performance and robustness of the app too.


2. App completion


There are apps that call for high-level features and integration of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, etc. The integration of technologies makes the process of app development a little complex.

Hence, developing a robust application with complex features and outstanding UI demands time and experts.


3. Expertise of designer 


Not anyone can develop an application. Developing an application is the work of hours, months and experts indulging in the process. For developing an application, the involvement of experts is the must-have practice that can neither be substituted nor be ignored. Hence, for developing applications, the hiring of expert developers and designers becomes the priority.


4. App design & development quality


Not just fulfilling the geographical location requirements, the cost of developing an application depends on the goodwill of the app development company too. The skilled and expert designers, developers that are required for turning billion-dollar app ideas become the priority of the company.


5. Research is not a part of app development


There are notions that research is not the part of app development, but in reality, it is the most integral part of the app development. No app development can start without an in-depth understanding of the market, competitor analysis, users demand, etc. Also, without research, the foundation of app development can never get started. Hence, the actual timeline of app development starts with in-depth research.


Here are the 5 mobile app development myths that have been busted, and there are more that can only be busted when connecting with the reliable mobile app development company.

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