5 Powerful Ways To Increase Ads Quality Score

Running Google ads can be fun unless it doesn’t affect your company’s budget. If you’re spending the bulk of money on PPC, you must be aware that top ads on SERP take away 40% of traffic. If you want to be one of them. You’re at the right place to learn powerful ways to increase ads quality score.

If you’re not sure what exactly is quality score. Read on to discover.

What Is The Quality Score?

Quality score is an important factor in google adverbs that determines where your ad will be placed. It depends on the relevance of your PPC keywords & the quality of your ad elements and website.

Ranking higher on SERP can’t be possible without having everything in accordance with google’s algorithm. From user experience on your website to the quality of your content every matters to google spider to decide where you should be seen on SERP. If you want your PPC ads to set the throne on 1,2 or 3 on SERP. The first step is to learn digital marketing skills from the finest digital marketing course in Jaipur or from any city you want. And the second is to execute them smartly.  

Digital marketing training will enable you to understand everything from your user’s & google bot’s point of view. Yes! If you want to rank higher & improve your performance you need to provide value to the users and this is what please google.

Now you have probably understood how important a quality score is for google ads. Before we move forward to learn how to improve google ads quality score. Let’s get acquainted with the most impactful factor that influences google ads quality score.

Important Factors For Google Ads Quality Score

There are innumerable factors that determine the quality of your ad’s score. But, we can’t look through and fix each and everything. Therefore, I have mentioned some factors that affect the google ad quality score the most.

Now you have got to know the factors that affect your PPC ads quality score. It’s time to learn effective ways of how to boost the quality score in awards.

 5 Powerful Ways To Increase Ads Quality Score

Just like, for you it’s important to rank higher on sponsor ads on SERP, the same as Google also gives importance to the quality ads. User experience overpowers bidding. So, even if you are willing to pay more than your competitors it doesn’t necessarily make you the winner. But, the proven ways of increasing ad quality surely will.

1. Don’t Use Dynamic Keywords Insertion 

Dynamic keywords seem to be a beneficial option. Well, it really does when someone finds it difficult to choose the right keywords for your ad copy. But, if you have already researched your keywords well. You don’t have to use dynamic keywords.

Yes! Dynamic keywords generate the relevant keywords exactly users use for queries. And, it gets fit in your ad copy which not only makes it less impactful but also has grammatical mistakes.

How would you perceive a company if you found grammatical errors in their ad copy? You probably won’t expect good products & services from such an organization. Right! So, do your own research and fit keywords smartly in your PPC ad copy. That doesn’t only reads great but also persuades users to click.

2. Focus On Benefits In Headlines 

Customers don’t buy the product which has more features but that benefits them in some way. Like if you’re selling software. Even though your audience cares about the features, it won’t necessarily draw their attention. 

If you really want to catch their attention you need to represent how the software is going to make their work easy. And, you can also convert your product & services features into benefits and add them in ad copy wisely. This is probably one of the most amazing ways to increase ads quality score that helps to boost your CTR. 

3. Use Negative Keywords

Google algorithm prioritizes precise targeting. And, in pay per click keywords are the only way to target your audience. So, if you don’t want to show up when users use certain keywords you can use negative keywords.

Now the question is, what if the negative keywords are similar to the primary one. Don’t worry! You can just use the word that you don’t want to get in front when the user searches for a certain keyword.

For example, if you sell premium quality shoes in Mumbai and the price is exuberant. You probably won’t want to show up to the audience who search for affordable shoes in Mumbai. Right! If you don’t just add affordable as a negative keyword and save your ad budget for your potential users.

4. Improve Quality Of Your Landing Page

What if you have crafted an amazing PPC ad copy that made users click. But, as they land on your website they feel like they must have gotten the wrong result. 

Your goal is not only to bring users to your site but also to make them buy from you. And, an unattractive, landing page design, frustratingly slow speed, and complex landing page ad copy are enough to make the users go away.

So, before you run your PPC ad campaign make sure your landing page design is attractive, and ad copy is persuasive & engaging, web page loading is faster, call to action is effective and everything is a place where a user can expect to find.

5. Utilize Expand text Feature 

In google awards a feature called expand text allows you to have more space for optimizing keywords, and important information for your users. You can use this extra space for long-tail keywords, testimonials, buy now, contact us, or featuring important pages of your website where a user might want to go.

Conclusion: Google ads are the fastest & easiest way to increase brand awareness & acquire new customers. Because no customer makes a query on google without having an interest in the particular product & service.

In this article, I have shared 5  effective ways to increase ads quality score to help your ad rank higher. Implement these strategies and also share them with your friends who are squandering money on google awards but not getting good results.

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