5 Reasons How An eBook Writing Service Can Boost Your Revenue

You should write an eBook to increase your revenue. However, here’s the twist! You shouldn’t write it. A book writing service should. Hiring an online book publishing and writing service is part of a winning formula to boost your profits.

Here’s how:

  1. You can sell your eBook on third-party websites (Amazon) or your website.
  2. You can provide your eBook for free on your website in exchange for email addresses (lead generation).

Your readers will benefit from the valuable information given in the eBook. The type of content your target audience will love to read can be the starting point of your eBook creation process. If you don’t know the type of content your target audience prefers, research.

Did you get your idea?

Once you have an idea for the eBook, leave the eBook creation in the expert hands of a book writing service. Professional eBook writers can create lead-driving content.

Did you know 78% of readers stated feeling connected to a business after they read their content?

If you want to form a connection with your readers, you need a reputable online book publishing and writing service to come onboard. By hiring a professional eBook writer, you ensure the content they create leads to sales and a boost in revenue.

1.     Help Position You an Authority Figure in Your Industry

What is one thing we as business owners want to achieve within our industry? We want to establish ourselves as an authority figure in our industry. What better way to do just that than with an eBook? If you don’t know how to put your thoughts into words, an eBook writing service can come to your rescue.

Professional eBook writers can help you build your brand and product identity. They have the expertise and knowledge to create an ideal format and layout that delves into meaningful topics in detail. They can create engaging, organized, and informative content that supports the credibility of your business.

Through your professionally written eBook, you can promote your products and services but in a subtle manner. For instance, you can use real-world research, case studies, and anecdotal evidence from your business.

An eBook writer has the experience to seamlessly weave information in a manner that enhances your target audience’s trust in your brand and creates loyalty.

2.     Help You Support Your Content Marketing Strategy

Did you think a book writing service only writes eBooks? No, not at all! An online book publishing and writing service is the jack of all trades. Your content marketing strategy needs to include eBooks but also blogs, newsletters, social media posts, sales pages, and more.

We know that’s a lot of writing. If you are collaborating with a booking writing service, you’re transferring them the bulk of it. You can develop and hone your content marketing strategy while they deliver you content to publish on your website and other online platforms.

Did you know businesses that prioritize content marketing reported generating three times as many leads as they generated with traditional marketing?

Why leave content marketing out of the mix when you can combine it with traditional marketing to increase your success and revenue. Again, it sounds complicated, but with an eBook writing service taking the lead, it really isn’t.

3.     Help You Provide Value to Your Target Audience

One of the reasons why we love eBooks is its ability to provide value to readers. If you are a fellow book readers like us, you already understand what we mean by adding value. Books fill their head with valuable information.

They help them grow their knowledge. If you have picked a good topic for your eBook— one that entices your target audience to buy/download and read— you’ll have a bestseller on your resume. Helping you make it a bestseller will be a professional eBook writing service.

With your first eBook, you don’t want to but need to impress your target audience. You need them to look forward to your next eBook release. You want them to mark their calendar, subscribe to your emails, and follow you on social media to stay updated on your next eBook release.

A well-written eBook is a great way to convert visitors into your loyal, repeat customers. In return, this will boost your revenue, which was your goal all along. Since you are hiring an eBook writing service to do your bidding, your readers also don’t need to wait a long time for your next release.

You can give the book writing service several topics to write on. You can release a new eBook each month. Since you are not selling a paperback or hardcover of your eBook, you save money on printing. Just send it to your target audience in a PDF file format or a format of your choosing via email.

They can also download it straight from your website. You can either sell your eBook for a small fee or make it available for free to your target audience to encourage them to buy your product or service.

4.     Help You Drive Conversion

The goal of investing in a professional eBook writing service is their ability to write convincing content to help you generate leads and drive conversion. An inexperienced writer may not the tricks and strategies to develop an eBook that lures people in, convincing them to give your business a chance.

However, a professional eBook writer does. If the content is not good enough, the connection you want to create with your target audience will never be created. If it does get created, it will only be with a few.

If the content is appealing, it will create a meaningful connection, one that will remain for several years. By charging a low price for expertly written content by a professional writing service, you can make a subscriber list containing the names of all existing buyers.

Once you have acquired and maintained a solid reputation in your industry and among your target audience, your sales will increase. You will earn a revenue far greater than the one you did before you decided to hire a book writing service to write your eBook.

5.     Help You Generate a Passive Income Stream

We haven’t found anyone who would say “No” to making a passive income stream. Whether you need the money or not, having a secondary income doesn’t sound like such a bad idea, right?

If you agree with us, you need to get an eBook out there for people to download and read. You can publish it on your website or other third-party websites such as Amazon for an affordable fee. The best part is that you don’t even have to be a good writer to create an eBook.

We say this because you can give the job of creating an eBook to an online book writing service. Even if you can write, you may not have the time to write due to your first job. Time isn’t a problem if you are giving the task of writing your eBook to a professional book writing service.

Is your eBook ready to hit the web?

If you took our advice and will hire an eBook writing service, we want you to know how to sell your completed eBook. You can read it now, or you can bookmark this to return to read it once you have your completed eBook.

Here we go!

Tips to Sell Your eBook

You need to sell your eBook, but how? Here’s how!

1.      Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing your target audience is a marketing technique that most people tend to overlook. Believe it or not, it’s one of the most powerful yet neglected techniques out there. Crowdsourcing can generate internet among your target audience by promoting your eBook.

Before you sell your eBook, you need to generate interest by involving your target audience. Here’s what we want you to do:

2.      Create a Catchy Title

If you are selling your eBook on Amazon, for instance, your target audience will come across several titles. Out of the three of them, one may catch their attention.

That title needs to be of your eBook. Your title needs to make them stop and click on your eBook to read further. If you can’t come with a title for your eBook, do you know who can? — A book writing service.

3.      Add Your eBook’s Link in Your Email Signature

Email signatures, if used right, can be a powerful tool. If you are sending several emails each day, why not in one of them add a link to your eBook?

From time to time, you can do that. There will come a time when their curiously will get the better of them, and they will click on the link that will direct them to your eBook and lead them to download your eBook.

Most Importantly:  Never Give Up! Stay Persistent

By hiring a book writing service, you got the hardest part over of writing a well-written and researched book that adds value to your readers. The next part is to market it.

This means actively marketing your eBook using the methods we listed and on your social media platforms. Using a marketing method one time and sitting back waiting for your revenue to increase will not cut it. You need to use one marketing method several times for it to work in your favor.

Let’s write and sell an eBook!           

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