50 Perfect Body Painting on Female Persons

Body Painting Female art lets a lady embellish her stunning body in terrific methods. What with a lady’s contours and her natural elegance, her body can be the excellent canvas to reveal her innovative self. Be it her wild side with animal motifs, or her delicate as well as sensual side with blossoms or butterflies, body paint can share a lot of concepts.

Whether it is one shade or several, a straightforward graphic pattern or an intricate design with shades, the body as the canvas brings numerous exciting possibilities. A lady’s shapely back can be the canvas for complex styles or intriguing skull shapes. Her meaningful eyes can have patterns of butterflies painted around, or wild feline red stripes, or just be touched with fragile pink shadows. The side of her body can be where a blossom in pastel shades obtains repainted. Her hands can come to life with bold shades of blue, or have black patterns to match her tiger face painting layout. With the colors of the rainbow and also a vast series of layouts covering pets, abstract art, and nature, the opportunities of experimenting are unlimited.

Your Animal Side

Animal patterns look wild and fabulous in orange and black tones in this female body painting.

Tiger Butterfly

Gold touches on the face with dramatic black patterns and glitter make a pretty butterfly theme body painting.

Eagle Eyes

Painted eagle eyes sit above the young woman’s eyes in this awesome 3D effect face painting.

Ultramarine Effect

Glitter effects add drama to the sea green shade while red spots frame the eye in this cool body art.

Slate Style

With her body painted over in a deep shade of gray touched with white, this woman takes on the road.

Metal Flower

The shiny metal effect combines with the rich blue and mauve tones for a very feminine look.

Black And White Drama

Dualities of black and white play with the glamorous pink lips and touches of pink in this fabulous face painting.

Rainbow Dreams

The woman’s entire body becomes the canvas for these gorgeous patterns in a burst of colors.

Embroidered Art

Embroidery patterns make this face painting special while the stitched look across the lips creates drama.

Fab Back

The woman’s back becomes the canvas for a giant vividly colored artistic face.

Chic Black Body Painting

Subtlety is the key in this body painting with the shades of black making amazing patterns.

Glitter Bug

All gold glitter and pink with dramatically done eyes, this face painting is a true piece of art.

The Blue Effect

Bold blue paint on the face and hands make a strong statement with the very dramatic headgear and get up.

Avatar Golden Look

Rich blue strokes combine with glints of yellow in this very vivid body art.

Face Painting Colors

Splashes of orange, purple, and blue combine with a light shade for the background of this face painting.


Bold Back View

Stunning black patterns climb all over the back in this beautiful body art.

Graphic Design Body

Blue and pink combine with black patterns to great effect in this graphic design style body painting.

Red Star In Hand

This is a simple but strong hand painting in red and black, with a red star sitting pretty in the center of the palm.


Floral Swish

Pastel shades combine with a gorgeous flower in this soft and sensuous body painting.

Wild Stripes

Stripes make a great animal pattern body art for these cat women.


Beautiful Face

A light blue background with red patterns adds to the beauty of this face painting with dramatic eyes completing the look.


Party Funk

Strong black patterns with touches of pink complete the look for this party girl.


Skin Shirt Female

A beautiful red shirt painted over this woman’s body makes for a perfect style statement.

Face Creature

This woman looks mysterious in this cool blue face painting with pink borders for effect.


Gold Painting

Gold patterns add to the beauty of this delicate body painting done in blue and green.


Chic Costume Painting

Body painting makes for a gorgeous sea beach costume for this beautiful woman as she poses. The paint drip effect is pure art.


Fun Body Painting

This woman’s back looks fantastic with a large skull face painted over.

Her Inner Tiger

This woman reveals her inner animal with a powerful tiger face painting pattern extending to her hands and shoulders.

Shimmer And Shine

Strong black tribal motifs combine with some glitter in this gorgeous body painting.

Shimmer And Shine

Vintage Neck

Green and orange combine to make a great collar pattern for this woman’s neck.

Enigmatic Egypt

The Egytian style pattern in blue and gold with hieroglyphics on the woman’s body is simply stunning.

Back Story

This woman’s back becomes the site for an exciting hunt story done with tribal symbols.

Red And Black

Red and black always make a great combination together, and this body painting simply uses that advantage to powerful effect.

Red And Black

Spring Face Painting

With her face painted in bright yellow and shades of pink this woman looks ready to welcome spring.


Death Theme Body Painting

With skulls as the central design this is a fantastic death theme painting on a woman’s back.

Rock Heaven

Faces, black birds, and blood motifs combine in this stunning rock theme body painting while quotes add an extra punch.

Female Macabre Painting

This painting covers every part of the body in its stunning design of powerful skulls and a red heart.

Butterfly Eyes

Butterflies in delicate pink and red shades sit around the eyes of this beautiful woman.

Intricate Web Painting

Inspired by spider webs this is a beautiful face painting with the eye area painted a dramatic red.

Vivid Body Art

Black and white hand and face patterns make a stunning contrast with the golden shades in this body painting.



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