6 Games that are good for your brain’s health

How about this — video games are to your brain as gym equipment is to your body?

Let’s make it clearer.

Research shows that video-gaming is associated with “cortical thickness.”

Simply put, if you are a gamer, chances are some parts of your brain have a higher density — the same parts that are responsible for complex decision making and self-control.

When people play video games, they put themselves in a strenuous situation that demands problem-solving skills, together with good hand-eye coordination and video-spatial abilities, quick reflexes, and solid pattern recognition skills.

That takes us to acknowledge video games as a definite means to train our brains. However, video games differ with the way they engage the motor functions of our brains

Let’s look at 6 of the games that put make a positive contribution to our mental health by putting us against a unique set of in-game scenarios and challenges.

  1. Overwatch

According to a study published in 2015, action-based video games were responsible for shooting up the action cascading and response executions in the video gamers.

What this means is that the gamers were required to develop quick control strategies and actions against fluctuating auditory and visual dynamics. This resulted in greater speed and enhanced efficiency in their responses.

Overwatch ­— a first-person shooter game — involves precisely what it takes to create a good Action Video Game (AVG). On the near-future earth, you find yourself in a diverse team of scientists, mercenaries, and soldiers to defend and secure control points.

And as we would expect from a complete AVG, Overwatch keeps you alert with every tick of the clock and enables you to make critical decisions based on the characteristics of the maps, positions of the enemies, and what not!

  1. Brain Dots

Just a couple of dots and a pencil is all this game comprises, but don’t be misled by its apparent simplicity!

Brain Dots is a physics-based game and carries a simple goal: to draw a path that bumps the two dots. It’s a piece of cake when you set your foot in, but slowly and gradually it builds up the difficulty.

Each time it takes the difficulty level a notch higher, more challenging it becomes — sending shivers down your spine all along.

So, put on your creative hat and come up with out-of-the-box solutions for the in-game scenarios.  What’s more, get your friends and family members involved by designing in- scenarios and them to challenge them to unlock their hidden potentials.

  1. Zombies Can’t Jump 2

If you have a knack for strategy games, you won’t regret counting on Zombies Can’t Jump 2 by unlimited gamez mo!

As a fun and challenging tower defense game, Zombie Can’t Jump 2 sets the scene for a nerve-racking fight for survival amid a zombie outbreak. You will break the sweat against an influx of zombies with the help of spiked balls, TNT devices, gun turrets, and other exciting armaments.

With that being said, this clever strategy game is more than your typical recreational escapade.

Research indicates that strategy games finetune our cognitive flexibility. So, each time you play this game, you would be stimulating your brain networks by engaging them with multiple information sources.

To sweeten the deal, Unlimited Games unleashes the possibility to play not only this but various other equally-amazing games against a small subscription fee.

Not bad, right?

  1. Cut the Rope

A hard-core gaming mode is a prerequisite for certain games. And this is the very reason that makes us disinclined to play those games in the middle of a hectic routine.

Cut the Rope comes to the rescue just when you’re about to fall apart on a busy Monday.

The goal is simple: Cut the ropes in a logical manner just so the dangling candy swings right towards the green monster “Om Nom.” With every new level comes a new set of game mechanics and interesting obstacles to manipulate.

A research conducted by the Nanyang Technological University gives more reason to play this exciting game. According to it, playing puzzle games like Cut the Rope for an hour a day helps you concentrate better and quickens your thought process.

So, if you are a busy person, it’s worth it to take a break from your routine and give your brain a boost with this great puzzle game.

  1. Lumosity

If you are looking for a virtual gym to train your brain, Lumosity is the place to go!

Lumosity gives every reason to try it out if you are seeking games to improve your mental health. It packs a bunch of games that enhance your memory, attention, problem-solving, and various other cognitive processes.

Sometime you would find yourself testing your reflexes by tapping the odd-one-outs. The other times, the game will test your memory centers as you swipe the objects based on their colors.

Before you know it, Lumosity takes you into the fold with its 40+ mind-boggling games that bring something unique to the table with every passing level. Not only that, but it also gives you an outlook on your cognitive fortes and areas you need to put attention to.

  1. Civilization

Regarded as one of the best strategy-game franchises, Civilization is the soul of every opportunity and challenge!

You compete to become the ruler of the world by employing the right set of strategies in a dynamic environment and complex maps.

This amazing game expects you to advance the civilization from the dawn of man into the age of space. As you do, you will push the limits to plan with limited resources and logistics.

From waging wars and devising diplomacies to going face-to-face with some of the greatest rulers the world had seen, Civilization will give you a rollercoaster ride to remember. And at the end of the day, your self-esteem skyrockets when you see an empire of your own.

Final Word

We hate to come off as preachy, but let’s just be briefly reminded that video games can also lead to addiction and adverse brain effects. Therefore, you should always know how much is too much.

Let us know in the comment sections about your favorite brain-training games and give us a chance to interact with you.

Happy Gaming!

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