7 Effects of Modern Gadgets on Children Development

Let’s be honest, modern gadgets play a huge role in our life! Moreover, today’s kids learn how to use technology first even before they could walk or tie their shoelaces. Research demonstrates that on average, children spend almost 8 hours a day staring at screens. Really, you hardly see a kid or a teen without a screen wherever you go: parks, waiting rooms, restaurants, and more. Yes, our kids are “digital natives”! But is it so bad? Although the negative effects of technology are a popular topic of conversations and often hit the news, digital devices are widely used in educational settings.

All these factors leave us, parents, wondering: what are the pros and cons of technology for our kids? How it influences their development? Finally, what about modern gadgets and human health? You can find the answers in our post!

Modern Gadgets Benefits

Technologies Improve the Learning Experience

Modern gadgets help students in education! How?  Well, various technologies such as a document camera, smartboard, Apple TV, 3D printer, and more have been integrated into classrooms. All these digital devices improve the learning experience by boosting collaboration and students’ engagement in the learning process. The technologies also increase learning opportunities and children’s creativity.

Furthermore, modern baby gadgets such as kids learning laptops, help littles to learn colors, letters, numbers, arts, and other basic skills prior to entering formal schooling.

Technologies Enhance Problem-Solving Skills

Many video games kids are playing today feature the so-called “survival mode”. It means that the gamer is tasked to stay alive as long as possible. Players are often dropped in various environments where they must collect food items, build shelters and quickly make the right decisions.

Due to such games, kids learn to work independently, navigate and overcome different challenges and achieve their goals.

So, playing particular games improves problem-solving skills in children. Of course, it’s even non-negotiable that parents must control the timing and be aware of what games their kids play!

Technology Creates Communities and Improves Social Interaction

Access to the Internet, social media, different apps help children learn to better interact and collaborate with each other, leading to greater social engagement. They can share their interests, hence build closer connections. There are plenty of platforms, special clubs, and camps to boost kids’ interest in technology and over technology.

Technological Literacy will Translate into Economic Power

Obviously, our future depends on technologies, making gadgets and child development inseparable in today’s world. For those who are technologically literate, there are many advantages down the road.

In other words, exposing children to digital devices means they’ll be totally ready to jump into a pool of high-powered, well-paying tech jobs. There is a high demand for technology jobs, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’ll grow by 13 percent from 2016 to 2026.

Modern Gadgets Disadvantages

Overuse of Gadgets Stimulate Health Issues

➢  According to the World Health Organization, digital devices are considered health-hazardous since they emit radiation, and it’s clearly a threat to children.

➢  Next, children who spend most of their time in front of screens do not burn the calories they take in. Besides, kids often couple playing games or watching videos with mindless snacking and other unhealthy habits. It may lead to obesity and related health problems such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, etc.

➢  Kids and adolescents who use too much media typically miss out on the needed rest. Even if a gadget is not being actively used near bedtime but stays in the sleeping environment, it’s still associated with an inadequate amount of sleep.

➢  Finally, prolonged exposure to screens can damage the kid’s eyesight. Numerous studies demonstrate that children who are addicted to playing games and watching videos are more likely to develop eye issues as they grow.


Lots of parents report that their children learn to be more aggressive due to long hours spent playing games or watching videos on their screens. Surprisingly but it doesn’t really matter what type of games a kid is playing! It can be just educational stuff, but it overstimulates a little’s brain and causes tantrums or another form of aggression. Furthermore, as they grow older, kids addicted to their tablets or phones are more likely to disobey and confront their elders.

So, if you need to quiet down your little ball of energy, do not rely on technology!

Screen Addiction

There is even a bigger issue with modern gadgets than those 2 that we mentioned above! And it poses a real threat for kids! We are talking about screen addiction, it means that a gadget causes problems in other areas of a child’s life or has become an all-consuming activity. Herearethesignsoftechnologyaddictioninkids:

➢  The kid can’t control his/her screen use

➢  The gadget preoccupies his/her thoughts

➢  Loss of interest in other areas of life

➢  Screens interfere with socializing

➢  The gadget is a kid’s mood booster

➢  The kid is deceptive about his/her gadget, e.g., he lies about how he’s played a game.

How to Limit the Negative Impacts of Gadgets on Kids

Gadgets are undoubtedly useful in our daily lives, however, both parents and kids should realize that technologies must be used as a learning tool and mustn’t substitute real-world communication.

So, here are ideas on how to protect your kid from the negative effects of technology:

➢  You should know how to monitor children’s development and remember about red flags we touched on above. Do seek help if your kid has signs of addiction or you noticed that gadgets interfere with his/her proper development.

➢  Ask your child about what games he/she is playing and be involved in current digital trends.

➢  Know what your child uses technology for

➢  Encourageusingscreensforeducation

➢  Create unplugged time for the whole family

➢  Develop an open relationship with your kid and let him/her know he/she can discuss any concerns with you

➢  Create conditions for kid’s physical activity and healthy lifestyle

➢  Encourage littles to read children’s books for the overall development

➢  You must be a strong role model for your kid when it comes to screen use and healthy choices.


Like many other things, technology can affect children’s development both negatively and positively. The issues associated with gadgets are typically caused by their misuse or lack of attention from parents. Therefore, make sure to control and limit the kids’ technology use, and they’ll only reap its positive effects!

Author’s Bio: Rachel Hudson is a mom to 2 littles. She adores kids and enjoys writing about their development, behavior, and health. Rachel also supports single mothers through a volunteer organization. Spending time outdoor with her children and 2 dogs is Rachel’s favorite activity. 

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