7 Marketing Tips for Selling Your Book Online

Writing a book is a passion for many people. The feeling of embarking on a journey of ups and downs, pleasure and despair, excitement, and even boredom are all that some authors crave.

Besides, there are others who write as a hobby. They don’t write for any monetary benefits but only as a side project, keeping them happy as well as occupied. Whatever the reason you register for, you conform to a noble act that muster is stopped.

All these writers and hobbyists will need to take part after or during writing a book, i.e., marketing.

What is marketing for the first-timers?

According to the American Marketing Association, Marketing is the activity, course of action, or processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

I don’t think one can understand what marketing is through the definition above. At least I can’t!

Let’s try to break it down. Marketing involves all the efforts you do to spread awareness about the benefits or characteristics, a book input case, to a presides audience, or generally everyone.

When to start Marketing you book

As a rule of thumb, the best practice for marketing your book is around six to twelve months before you plan to release the book.

By doing this, you will have enough time to advertise your book and run different marketing strategies. It is enough time to show the people what the book IA about why they need to buy it.

Those who leave the marketing towards the end or finish writing thinking unit might take their attention away from the book and make a grave mistake. Going it till the is never the right decision. Take it from a person who worked for years for a book marketing service

Old and New ways of Marketing

Before widespread technology, the medium of marketing was different from what it is now. Authors usually contacted book marketing services or book publishing services, organizing events at local libraries, setting interviews in numerous TV stations, offering affordable proofreading services, offering affordable proofreading services, and setting radio interviews.

They also used to publish the release dates and interviews in newspapers. Yes, they were a thing back then!

In this day and age, social media has spread like wildfire. If you haven’t included social media in your marketing campaigns, then you’re bound to get pretty low sales. We will get to the tips for selling your book online in the following section.

Tips for selling your book Online

Word of mouth is a great way to spread news but not so much for selling your book. Also, if you’re not a mega start, book tours won’t do you any good as well. By this time, you must be confounded; what can you do now to help you sell your book?

Don’t worry; I got you covered. You need to follow these steps:

I made a list so that you can try to remember the tips and go through them quickly.

Building a Website:

The first step any book marketing service will tell you is building your dedicated website. A dedicated webpage starts attracting readers and building an email list to have effective email campaigns.

It will be tough in the beginning to gain some traction, but with time, you will start to have loyal readers consuming all the information you will give them. You will always have a control on your website, unlike some social media platforms that can change algorithms.

Social media Strategies:

This medium is great for your visibility and sentiments. It is book publishing services 101 to understand the audience you are targeting. Once you know your audience, you need to figure out which platform they use the most.

If it’s a professional book for employees and CEOs, LinkedIn will be your platform to advertise. Similar if your book is targeting a younger audience, then Integra will suffice your needs.

Taking advantage of Amazon offers

You can contact book publishing services to help you our getting the right services. However, if you decide to sell on Amazon, you need to take these things into account:

Online Advertisements

There is a whole range of online advertisement available at your disposal. Be it Google ads, social media promotions, or Amazon ads; all are a great tool to advertise your book and halo you grow a customer base.

Also, email promotion may not be viral these days but still has its importance. Book marketing services usually partner mail campaigns with book promotion sites, sending an email to their subscriber lists.

Give more, Get more

You might wonder what you need to give. Am I asking you to give away your books for free? Of course not. You need to provide value to your customers for free. You can do this by writing a useful article and tips around that subject matter of your book.

Medium articles, blogs, and giving lectures on full use topics will increase your credibility and make your audience use your writing styles.

Go with the Flow

Whenever you start selling a book, there is a time when you start getting much attention from everyone. Your book signings and lectures should include some quotes from your books to intensify the attraction.

Using this flywheel effect, you can start selling a more significant number of the book by promoting yourself. Remember, you give the value and become the source of attraction to your book.

Take help!

Not all of us are gifted in all departments because some may write a great book, and others are great at pulling these books. Therefore, it’s no shame to hire book publishing services or book marketing services to help you along the way. Hers what the CPO of Reshuffle, an integration platform for developers, says

“Working with a good publisher helps a lot. It certainly did for me in my case. They do so much of the heavy lifting that you probably wouldn’t even know was needed.”

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