7 Places You Need to Visit While You’re Young

When you are young, you can do anything you want. The question is, what does this statement usually mean? There are lots of answers to this question, and one is that you need to have fun constructively. Think of a time when you were free, and you needed to blow off some steam. Also, think of what you did at that time. One thing you can do is to travel in that free time. A good time to travel is during that gap year. You do not need to ask yourself because here you have the seven places to visit when young and restless.

1. China

A trip to the most populated country worldwide can be an eye-opener. China is one of the best places to expose yourself to some real-life experience of diverse cultures. Whereas a gap year may look like an excellent time to have some fun, it is also a moment of creating perspective about your desired profession.

China is rich with internship opportunities, especially if you are a business and finance freak. You may also find their socio-cultural tailored programs interesting. If you wish to study Chinese, then a gap year may be a good time. Traveling across China’s cities of Shanghai and Beijing may be easy if you understand English. Some basic Chinese could help a lot when you move to remote areas within China. Other places you may want to visit in China include the Great Walls of China and the desert plateaus of Tibet.

2. Japan

Japan is another country in the East. You may want to visit Japan during that gap year, especially if you have a burning interest in languages. Japan is home to foreign residents who came country to learn Japanese and to teach their English to private and public institutions in the country.

Although small in size, Japan is quite populated. The country has beautiful wild scenery. You will also love the experience of visiting the city of Tokyo. Furthermore, you may learn to ski at Japan’s ski resorts and spring baths in the traditional onsen.

“I am a huge fan of skiing. I had a dream of visiting Japan one day, and when I saw that they have these ski resorts, I did not think twice. Three months later, I found myself in one of Tokyo’s finest ski-resorts,” shares Angela Baker, a Classyessay and Bestessayseducation.com freelance writer.

3. Australia

There are not so many places offering working holiday visas to young people of particular nationalities. Australia is, however, one among the many that offer you attractive places to visit while you are there. Most of these jobs may not be those that build your professional skills, but you will have fun. You could work in a bar, a farm or a hostel. The advantage of the working holiday is that the cash from these part-time jobs can help you stay afloat given how expensive Australia can be.

Interestingly, Australia is quite sparsely populated with its towns and cities concentrated on its East and south coasts. You could also visit the state of Queensland and enjoy the tropical feeling courtesy of its weather and beaches. For a greener and temperate adventure, you could prioritize visits to Victoria and Tasmania.

4. USA

If you are in countries such as the UK, New Zealand, and Canada, among others, a trip to the US will definitely be fun. When in the US, you could be a camp counselor at the summer camps. The United States is also quite large as a nation, something that offers you a varied experience and environment each time. A common attraction for many people about the United States is its cities. You will find it quite interesting to visit cities such as New York and San Francisco. Given its largeness, the US is rich in national parks all the country you may find interesting to tour.

“I like writing about the cities of the world. Sometimes, it is hard to write about someplace you have never been to. If you are a travel writer, take that break to visit that place and find yourself some real-life motivation,” advises Dorrian Martin, a Topessaywriting professional writer.

5. Cuba

The mystery of this country never ends. Whereas it geographically near the United States, the country has always been a challenge for Americans to tour for long periods. However, it is a fantastic place to visit in your gap year in the form of cultural exchanges. You will find Cuba even more interesting if you wish to learn your Spanish. Cuban Spanish is unique but can be quite useful when in some parts of the United States like Florida.

6. France

Europe is always a great destination. Visiting one of its biggest can offer you an exciting experience. One exciting feature of France is that it is quite central to the continent. Think about the hype of the city of love, Paris, to their Normandy history. You may also love time at the Mediterranean beaches and the magnificent view of the Alps between Switzerland and Italy.

France’s culture is rich, which is why learning French during your gap year in France can be interesting. According to Winterline, a travel website, grasping a language requires you to immerse yourself in the language and to also practice it by speaking it whenever you get the chance abroad. Visiting France allows you to interact with the country’s history and culture, which is vital in learning the language.

7. New Zealand

Looking for a working holiday visa as you go for your gap year? New Zealand is another destination that offers that. Getting this visa requires that you prove that purpose for visiting New Zealand to tour the country and not for career reasons. In New Zealand, there is a limit on the number of hours you may work. The upside to this visa is that you get to pay for bills given the expensive nature of New Zealand trips.

You may want to similarize New Zealand with Australia, but the two countries are incredibly distinct. The thing is, both countries are good places to visit. For instance, you find that New Zealand is wetter and cooler than Australia. Australia, on the other side, boasts deserted beaches, lush forests, and peaky mountains.

There are many places you could visit as a young person. Take your time to choose a place that connects you to your dreams and get some real inspiration as you return to school.

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