7 Tips to Optimize Your Push Notification Strategy

Push Notification is an amazing tool to engage with your customer base. If you’ll leave the loopholes in strategising the same, you’ll see the consequences of it not working the way it works for the well-established brands.

If you are seriously aspiring to boost your business in the given times, here is one question you must genuinely ask yourself.

‘How to optimize the Push Notification strategy to boost your Business’?

According to a survey, 84% of users slide the notification without reading it.

It means either they are not being provided with the relevant information they require or your push notifications lack the skill to catch their attention.

One thing is confirmed that the users who have downloaded your app are willing to hear from you. All you need is to optimize the react native push notifications in a way that it not only helps to build a firm connection with your user but successfully generates leads for your business.

How Push Notifications are channelized in React Native?

Push Notifications in React Native are set up in 3 ways:

The intent is to maintain intimate communication with the customer base which involves sending images and graphics along with the text content.

Here are the quick suggestions that will allow you to build a robust strategy for your push notifications:

    1. Keep it ‘Interactive’:

      No denying the fact that we are living in the Knowledge Era, which means that it’s not about providing the knowledge but serving the filtered content that must add value to their lives. The same is applicable in the case of push-notifications with an added clause of being ‘interactive’.

      In such times, where smartphones are flooded with the notifications of news, emails and Whatsapp, how do you think you would be able to get the message across? By being simple, crisp and interactive.

  1. Remember Timing plays a Great Role:

    Following the instance of the food business, why do you think playing with the timing would be a big deal? Just like sending the breakfast food items in the time of dinner won’t do any good for your food business, similarly analysing the relevance of time for your given business is a matter of great importance that you can’t afford to miss.

  2. Infuse Real-Time Experiences:

    Depending upon the type of business, you have to see how and what type of real-time experiences you can introduce in your app.

    For instance, if you run a food business that involves food delivery, it is very much evident that you must incorporate the feature of geo-fencing in it to add to your user’s experience by letting them know about their order status.

    Or say, if you own a utility app, it would be a great deal to incorporate a multi-user collaboration feature to bring the involvement of multiple users at once.

  3. Keep a Check over its Frequency:

    Bombarding a user’s phone with push notifications is yet another loophole that could land your business app into trouble. Maintaining a certain frequency is what makes the recipe of an optimized-notification-strategy.

    The reason why it is called a fine art is that if you overdo it by sending too many push-notifications, you might lose your lead forever. While on the contrary, having too-little communication with your potent user is sure to put you in the category of forgotten ones.

    So here’s why push-notifications require a crisp strategy to reach your desired goal.

  4. Don’t Forget to Add Personalized Touch:

    Adding a personal touch like adding the name of your user, or perhaps complimenting on the choice of their last purchase can do wonders for having established a great connection with the user.

    Isn’t it amazing how paying heed to these little details can help fetch great ROI, reducing your costs which you otherwise would have spent in various agencies in the name of marketing!

Take Away

These are the few points with which we ensure that your business would gain the maximum benefit from the push-notifications. Integrate these powerful tactics to optimize the push-notification strategy today and send across a message from the side of your business that ‘We truly care and that is why we listen more than what we speak.’

In case you are looking for expert push-notification services, we serve some of the greatest organizations to help them achieve their business goals and would not leave a stone unturned in getting your business to the top of the ladder.

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