8 Content Marketing Tips to Boost your Business’s Revenue

In order to attract customers to your products, you need to invest in good product description writing and promotion. Small businesses often lack the resources to spend big money on advertising.

That is why it is important to choose the right type of marketing program that gives you the best return on investment. Whether you’re putting in time or money, you need to get the most possible bang for your buck.

Content marketing offers several advantages to businesses because it can be the starting and ending point of any online campaign. Content marketing can also be reused in multiple media and remains evergreen.

In light of its benefits, we share the following content marketing tips to boost your business revenue.

Start With Target Segmentation

Good marketed understand that they need to segment their audience into the right demographic. People at different stages of life or buyer’s journey are attracted to different kinds of marketing content. You simply can’t lump everyone into one bracket.

For example, the younger audience is generally more attracted to colourful pictures and video. They tend to be more tech-savvy as well.

When you are targeting older people, you will have more luck with insightful content that is more meaningful. Text-based content works better than bright colours and techie stuff.

Similarly, the language used must be different based on your target gender. Men are easier to sway with more logical, technical language while the female audience tends to respond better to emotional content that makes them feel something.

Market segmentation is also crucial for designing content for all stages of a customer’s journey. A new visitor to your website or social media marketing has a different view of your business than someone who is a regular follower.

That is why you need to create content for all segments of your target audience.

Understand Your Audience

Once you have segmented your target audience, think about the type of content that will appeal to each segment. Consider what keywords they search for when they are looking to buy your products and services. Then use these keywords in your content to make it easier to find.

There are several tools you can use to research your customers. Start by getting a better idea of the existing demand for your topic through Google Trends, Keyword Surfer and other tools.

Just type your main keyword into the search box to learn how many searches it received within a specified period of time.

The results generally come up as graphs that will show you what people are searching for. You can discover several useful keywords that will help boost the ranking of your pages when users search for relevant terms online.

Develop A Content Marketing Plan

A content marketing plan outlines the type of content you will produce, how often you will create it and the channels that will be used to promote your business. Every marketing campaign starts with a good plan and clear goals of what you are trying to achieve.

When we talk about content marketing, the first thing that comes in mind is blogging or article writing. However, modern content marketing also includes product description writing, product demos, short videos, live streams and much more.

Blogs and articles are important because they allow you to place keywords in the content that makes it easy to discover. While Google and other businesses are experimenting with image and voice searches, the text remains the most popular and effective way to search for information.

Text-based content is not going away anytime soon and you would do well to create your content with this medium.

Produce Evergreen Content

Some types of content are relevant to a particular occasion or event. Think of Christmas dinner recipes or Halloween dressing ideas. Or content based around the election campaign in your country.

This type of content is high in demand during the season but falls off of radar when it is no longer relevant.

Evergreen content is useful to readers at all times no matter when they read it. Consider home decoration tips or self-improvement blogs that tell your audience how they can make positive changes in their lives.

This type of content works for people no matter where they are in life and continues to attract readers for months after you’ve published it.

Get Your Readers Involved

As an individual or even a business, you can only produce so much content for your audience. This can limit the scope of reaching out to potential new readers in the market.

You can get more marketing content by getting your readers/customers involved in writing for your business.

One great tactic is to ask for customer reviews and feedback that you can post on your website. Not only do they help start a discussion on your website, but user-submitted reviews are also effective for building credibility about your products and services.

Smart business entrepreneurs and content producers have also started their own forums and group discussions to gather user-generated content. They select moderators from some of the more loyal and regular followers of your content that help run these platforms voluntarily.

How much do they cost? Less than $20/year.

In some cases, hosting is the only cost that you need to worry about.

Get Social Shares and Comments

Social networking platforms offer a great way to boost your business and go viral without spending a lot of money. You have probably noticed how news articles and headlines often get shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. You can have a similar boost for your business posts and blogs.

If your writing team consistently produces high-quality content, your readers are likely to take notice and share it on their own news feeds. You can also gently push them in the right direction by asking them to share it on social media and creating one click-links to do this with ease.

Once your blogs and articles start getting enough shares on social media, they will continue to get you traffic for months at no extra cost to you. Every share, comment and like put your brand and content in front of a growing audience.

If the post has a clickable link back to your website, you can also generate more traffic for your website. This is very effective for getting paying customers to come to your website.

Compare this marketing strategy to paid advertising, where you reach dries up completely as soon as the budget is used and the campaign stops running.

Produce Good Quality Content Consistently

There is a lot of competition for attention in the digital domain. Thousands of businesses are producing good quality content to attract an audience to their business.

It is vital for your business to publish high-quality content that provides value to your readers and attracts them to your business. Moreover, your content must be published consistently to keep users engaged.

Not only do you have to set the quality bar incredibly high, but you also have to keep meeting this standard for content marketing.

This can be a challenge for even an experienced content production team, but it is essential to stand out from an increasingly large crowd and making your voice heard.

Optimize Website Design and Page Loading Speed

Your page design is just as important as the quality of your writing. If your website is full of clutter or difficult to navigate, your readers will be turned off. Choose the right colour scheme for the background that makes it easy to read. Keep the font size legible and allow your readers the option to adjust it to their liking.

The page loading speed is also important. Research shows that 40 per cent of new visitors abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. As little as a 1-second delay in page responsiveness can result in a 7 per cent reduction in conversions.

Having a website that loads quickly and effectively is essential for your bottom line. You could devise the best quality content in the world, but if your readers don’t convert into paying customers, you will not get anything.

Make sure that you don’t lose your customers over something as silly and easy to fix a page loading time.


Content marketing is important for all types of businesses. It can help you consistently attract an audience to your website and get the sales that you need. In many cases, it is desirable because content marketing gives you long term benefits compared to short term advertising campaigns.

However, content marketing is changing all the time as we get new technology and mediums of business promotion. In order to be successful, your business will need to adopt new methods and tricks that are proving successful in the market.

In this blog, we covered some content marketing strategies that can help you boost traffic and build a successful conversion rate for your business.

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