A Complete Guide To Radar Speed Signs

Radar speed signs are an easy and inexpensive alternative for slowing down cars (also called radar signs, speed signs, or automated speed limit signs, or “Your Speed” signs). The radar automatically signals flash speeds, showing in real-time the speed of oncoming traffic. Drivers are reminded of established speed limits by blinking speed signs. Research shows that radar speed signs yield decreases in average road speeds of 10-20 percent and long-term improvements in speed limit enforcement.

What are radar speed signs?

Traffic calming tools intended to reduce speed speeders by notifying them of their speed are radar speed indicators, also regarded as driver feedback signs. They are used nationwide and internationally because they are efficient at slowing or stopping speeding cars.

Radar sign features

  1. Solar driven or hardwired with AC
  2. Fast configuration and installation
  3. To avoid misuse, speed capping
  4. Integrated strobe alarm
  5. Lightweight, compact
  6. Resistant to Effect

Radar Speed Sign Technology

The Radar Speed Signs utilizes the very same radar technology used among military forces to detect airplanes and submarines. The radar utilizes radio waves to identify the speed, angle, and range of the object being moved. It transmits radio waves that return when the object involved is hit.

The specific receivers on the radar receive these signals, which improve these results in order to provide the exact information in the shortest feasible time. The device takes microseconds to complete this mission, making it highly efficient for real processes.

Are radar speed signs effective?

  1. When warned by a radar sign, speeders will slow down up to 80% of the time.
  2. Typical reductions in speed are 10-20 percent.
  3. Compliance with the posted speed limit overall would increase by 30-60 percent.
  4. “Radar speed signs are especially effective in getting “super speeders” to slow down “speeders driving 20 mph or more over the speed limit posted

Why do radar speed signs work?

Radar speed signs are beneficial due to feedback mechanisms, a simple notion that claims: “Provide people with real-time information about their actions (or something close to it then give them an opportunity to change those actions, actually pushing them towards better behavior patterns. Action, info, response.

Types of Radar Speed Signs

  1. Portable Radar Speed Signs
  2. Solar Radar Speed Signs
  3. Pole Mount Radar Speed Signs
  4. Trailer Mounted Radar Speed Signs

Solar Radar Speed Signs

These Radar Speed Signs are powered by a solar panel that allows it to be used flexibly even in locations where there is no power supply provision. With the help of a GPRS-enabled device which is again powered by the solar panel system, the information is discussed.

Portable Radar Speed Signs

These components are extremely compact and use a battery pack unit to power them. On a temporary basis, they can be constructed anywhere as per the regulations of the compliance organizations.

Pole Mount Radar Speed Signs

The most prevalent version of the Radar Speed Sign is the pole assembled version. On roads near school buildings, places of high traffic, and more, it can be found anywhere and everywhere. They are driven by an external power and also have a data transfer connection that is wired or wireless.

Trailer Mounted Radar Speed Signs

These technologies have Radar Speed Signs assembled on uniquely engineered trailers that also have an external power supply to meet their energy requirements, such as an alkaline battery. Sometimes the device’s power requirement is met by linking it to the vehicle’s battery to which the teaser is connected.

Why choose Radarsign?

Radarsign offers a wide range of appealing, simple to manage, and reasonably priced radar speed signs. There are our signs:

  1. Developed for reliability with an industrial design
  2. Resistant to the weather, vandalism, and graffiti
  3. Enabled Wi-Fi
  4. Equipped with technology from OTA
  5. Compliant with MUTCD 100 percent
  6. Certified Quality Systems, ISO 9001.

How Radar Speed Sign Promotes Road Safety?

In today’s world, where the number of vehicles is rising every day across the world, road safety is very important. The findings of several studies and analyses have shown that the scattershot flow of traffic is an important leading attribute to road accidents. It is also the cause of the majority of pedestrian accidents in urban areas.


Radar Speed Signs are electronic devices that show in real-time the dynamic speed of vehicles. The Radar Speed Sign’s primary objective is to slow down the vehicles as they pass by warning the drivers if they exceed the allowable speed limits. The interactive signs consist of a collection of LEDs with a signal-sending and receiving RADAR system.


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