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Accounting is a fundamental part of running a successful business. It is pivotal in tracking and management of income and expenditures, ensuring statutory compliance, and providing owners with crucial financial information. However, for small business owners, this can become a bit overwhelming. Further, as the business grows, accounting can turn complex and time-consuming. Streamlining the accounting aspect of the business is, therefore, an ideal next step for small businesses. One way to do this is through the use of cloud accounting solutions.

Cloud accounting software is a tool that aids bookkeepers, business owners, and accountants in automating and managing their accounting transactions. Such software can be accessed from anywhere, has a high level of security, improve the accuracy of accounting and bookkeeping, reduce paperwork, and so on.

Basic requirements from cloud accounting software: 

While there is a lot of software in the market that caters to these needs of businesses, not all of them provide a comprehensive solution. After a lot of analysis, reviewing, and practical use, I have zeroed in on one software that manages different aspects of a small business excellently – Deskera.

Deskera is a popular cloud accounting software and is used widely by businesses across the world. It has an all-in-one approach wherein various segments of a business are taken care of with ease. Instead of using multiple systems, Deskera is all-pervasive business software. It goes beyond accounting and also takes care of your inventory, HR, payroll, and CRM.

Deskera – All-in-one accounting solution for small business: 

As you can see, such a diverse range of features is hardly provided by other software companies.

To conclude: 

Deskera serves businesses of all sizes, however, it works exceptionally well for small businesses and startups due to its simplified user experience, high-quality accounting features, advanced inventory features, compliance, dedicated dashboard with continuous report generation, and reasonable pricing.

Deskera also has a highly engaging community on Facebook where product experts and specialists including the founder interact with the members, host webinars, answer queries, invite suggestions, and conduct polls regularly.  This is why I highly recommend Deskera to small businesses for their long-term needs.

For a detailed understanding of their products and features,  you can visit their website and also sign up for their 15-day free trial!

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