Pushbullet Alternative for Countering the Limitation in 2021

One among the best tools for transferring files among PC and Android device quickly and easily is named as Pushbullet. It will allows user to send message from PC, setting of reminders, and much more. However, it free version has limitation if comparison with the paid version that’s the reason the users leaving it. Below list shows the features not available in its free version: 

The cost of a paid version of Pushbullet is 4.99USD/month and 39.99USD/year that may not be affordable. So, the users needs to look for the Pushbullet Alternative or pay for the paid version. If someone is not going to pay for the paid version then here are the best alternatives of Pushbullet for them. 

Pushbullet Alternative for Countering the Limitation in 2021

There are a number of applications that act as its alternatives of Pushbullet.

  1. Crono
  2. AirDroid
  3. Snapdrop
  4. EasyJoin
  5. My Phone – Windows Companion


Perhaps the best Similar to Pushbullet is Crono which is better than the AirDroid, if someone wants best experience of mirrored notification in their computer. It has a nice interface that offering all the features of Pushbullet. Like Pushbullet, users get their notifications in PC and replying WhatsApp messages and like notifications of Instagram. Moreover, it supports for calling notification, however, user cannot receive call. But allows call declining with SMS instant reply. It is obvious that it will show notification on your device if you miss notification in PC. 

Moreover, it support for the best Pushbullet features which is the sharing of universal clipboard. User can share their clipboard by just one tap from their smartphone. Like Pushbullet, it also end-to-end encrypted which is its best and this is turned on in native. That’s why, there is always secure communication between PC and smartphone with no interception in the packets of data. Unlike the Pushbullet which offers 100 notifications/month, it offers 2400 notifications/month. Is that amazing, Yes? Thus, if someone looking for the Pushbullet best alternative, it will be Crono with Windows and macOS best dedicated apps. 


One of the best Apps like Pushbullet is named as AirDroid. User can share their files, apps installation, notification checking, making and answering calls, synchronizing contacts and SMS, and WhatsApp messages replying. Moreover, it allows users for mirroring their android device interface into PC, the meaning of it is allowing controlling their devices by using their PC. 

But, there are some limitations of AirDroid such as copy and paste of universal and sharing link ability. Like Pushbullet, it is also tool of resource intensive which will be found little bit laggy at sometime. It also have paid version of 19.99USD/year and 1.99USD/month. In conclusion, its price is less than that of Pushbullet paid version. 

In short, best Pushbullet Alternative is AirDroid that brings its own additional features with the important features of Pushbullet. 


If someone sees for the purpose of file sharing alternative of Pushbullet, it must try Snapdrop at once. It provides the fast and ease of sharing files among different platforms except any app downloading, account creation, or QR code scanning. Snapdrop, an open-source platform based on web which works amongs all platforms. All the user need for the WiFi commonly accessed. By commonly sharing WiFi, just open the website on both devices named as snapdrop.net and start files sharing. User can share links by the right click on the device. Snapdrop best part is its speed, extremely fast so that users can share multiple files without any ads. Like the Pushbullet, it is also encrypted by using the TLS protocol. In conclusion, if someone is looking for the best alternative of Pushbullet in sense of transferring of file then Snapdrop will be at first.


EasyJoin has recently launched the app in the ecosystem of Android. However, it gains huge popularity among geeks. This app’s main advantage is its allowing features are mostly free of cost while such features are paid for in others. In simple words, EasyJoin is among the best Pushbullet Alternatives as it allows such amazing features that even not available in Pushbullet. User can get all their notifications by connecting their PC with mobile. Moreover, users can perform message replying and operations that are actionable such as “snooze,” “mark as read,” and much more. 

Furthermore, users can also take and dial calls from PC by the integration of EasyJoin and Windows dedicated app. But it is available in the paid version. While users can perform file sharing, alarm creation, the universal clipboard is accessing as well as volume controlling of other devices. These all features are free of cost, and users have no need to pay a dime. However, all this is not about. It has, by default, end-to-end encryption of notifications, messages, calls, and transferring of files. By considering all its features, EasyJoin looks like a strong Pushbullet Alternative, and users must try it once.  

My Phone – Windows Companion

According to the name suggested that My Phone is the companion application of Windows which Microsoft develops. At least till now, it is not a fully device manager unlike the AirDroid. But Microsoft claims of adding new features in it. 

Application of My Phone is used for text messages replying, Skype notifications checking, photos transferring and viewing, etc. Like other tools, it is not rich in features but in future, more updates in its features are expected. Another noticeable point is it works with Android and Windows. Thus, if someone has Windows laptop and Android Smartphone, then My Phone will be at their best. 

Windows and Android

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Final Words of Pushbullet Alternative

Pushbullet is an awesome application, only if the user can take its paid version. There are a number of applications that act as its alternatives of Pushbullet. These all are performing well for users, but many alternatives of it don’t as rich in features as Pushbullet. While many of them are offering its paid version and it has a nice free-of-cost plan as well that performs much better as compared with Pushbullet. Thus, let’s check them and inform us of your feedback below. 

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