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From the excitement of getting your first mobile phone to changing handsets over the period of years, we learn so many things about mobile phones. How they work, how they function, etc. Mobile phones replaced wired telephones and mobiles were replaced by smartphones. A lot has changed over these couple of decades and we see a promising future too with all the new technologies developing  and making their way into our homes. If you look at the size, capabilities and the way these devices work, it has changed tremendously but there is something which hasn’t changed a bit over the years and that is the basic functionality of the phone and that is to connect two people. Though we can now connect with multiple communication channels and through different mediums but the essence is still preserved. And for as long as the phones are in existence, the annoyance of duplicate contacts getting created have also survived through the tides of time. Changing phones, swapping sim cards, logging in google and other accounts can really leave chaos in your phone’s contact list. But not anymore, now you can easily fix multiple contacts by best duplicate contact remover apps, clean them out without having to sit for hours figuring out which one is a copy and which one is not. Here is how:

Duplicate Contacts Fixer and Remover

One of the best and the most popular apps known for removing duplicate contacts is Duplicate Contacts Fixer and Remover. Even if you have multiple accounts and thousands of contacts sitting idly in them, one scan from this app and you will have the list of all the contacts which have been multiplied time and again. Even if you have different applications that deal with contact numbers running on the same smartphone like Facebook, Google, Truecaller, Telegram, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., this app can even deep scan all of them for any contacts which have been copied by mistake or by chance. This application is filled with such amazing features and is quite effective in what it does. Here are some of them. Have a look.

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This application was created after keeping in mind what heavy applications can do to an old smartphone. So, developers have made it very lightweight and friendly for your dear phone. It won’t be taking much space and won’t make your phone lag in performance. The user interface is also designed to be simple yet intuitive. So it may look simple at the first glance but has quite the features lined up for you to use.

Search Algorithm

The search algorithm has been coded as to be adaptive. It can search across accounts, applications and not only you can check the list of duplicates and remove it, but you can even merge the contacts if you wish to. It can identify similar contacts even if they are saved under different names and titles.


The developers understand that all of your information is important and may prove to be critical in the future so Duplicate Contact Remover and Fixer takes a backup of all your contacts so that you won’t miss out on any even if you delete them after scanning. Many other similar apps don’t work on backup and the users end up in losing precious contacts which they earlier thought were of no use.

Clearing out the Mess

Of course it works on clearing out the chaos in your contacts list. The scanner not only searches through names and is designed specifically for detecting contacts based on other details and numbers saved in them. Now you can have two servicemen in your address book but their contact numbers will be different. So it works more effectively that way.

Easy to Restore

The back-up folder that is made by the application for use in case of an emergency to retrieve contacts is saved in the “.vcf” format. Now the .vcf format is quite popular among smartphones and the contacts can be read by phone even without the presence of the program, so that the user doesn’t face any kind of problem.

How to Start Cleaning?

The process is quite simple in itself and as mentioned before, its simple design and intuitive user interface simplifies the process even more. You can start by downloading the application on your smartphone.

Check your contact list again and you will find how organized it looks as compared to before. The clutter is gone, the mess has been cleared and now you can find the contacts with ease that you were looking for without having to go through the duplicates or copies and the annoyance it can cause again.

Duplicate Contact Fixer is highly appreciated by its users and even by the critics. Regular updates by creators make it competitive and compatible in this highly dynamic market. It even has a free version that you can try before you plan to purchase the full version.

Hope it helps.

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