Healthy Eating Tips for Busy Doctors and Nurses during Corona Outbreak

Medical professions are no less than a ticking alarm clock.  If you are a doctor, you would probably be nodding at the reckless hours of medical duty often followed by long night shifts, you have to cope with on a daily basis. For example, during corona outbreak an average doctor in Pakistan working up to 72 hours straight.

With so much on the brink, in such little time, doctors and nurses often end up with processed food often only. Developing a healthy eating routine seems completely out of question and impossible.

However, there are few tips and tricks you can still incorporate in your busy routines to stay on track with your diet and nutrition.

Tips for Healthy Eating

1- Stay Hydrated

Even if you are skipping some meals or eating junk food, drinking lots of water will help maintain an active lifestyle. Being hydrated enough becomes increasingly important for individuals who have high intensity working shifts. Keeping your body hydrated will diminish fatigue, regulate healthy digestion, improve overall blood circulation and maintain your body temperature.

Drinking enough water will also help you munch less on sugary and junk foods, as it helps you keep full. Make sure you consume at least 3 litres of water on a daily basis. You can carry a reusable water bottle with you every single day to keep a count of your water intake daily.

You can infuse some lemon slices, cucumber or berries to make your water taste great. It is also great for flushing out all the toxins.

2- Say No to Caffeine and Sodas

Working for long hours often calls for the hot coffee punch to wake you up and help you get through your day. However, there is a better way to do that. Caffeine makes you an addict real fast. The more you consume the more you are able to rest well staying alert even when you are supposed to get a good night’s sleep. This way your fatigue stays there through the next day as well. Same is the case for sweet sodas. Anything carbonated is bad news for your system. You will feel drowsy and feel way less on energy.

You can always swap it with green tea and lemon infused water. You can also opt for decaffeinated varieties of drinks available. If you need caffeine either way to stay alert and awake, we suggest you have it in your early hours so that you do not have to jeopardize your sleep schedule.

3- Eat Throughout the Day

Eating small portions of healthy foods is much better than devouring a full McDonald’s feast at the end of your day. Regular eating will not only boost your metabolism but will also help you stay and feel active throughout the day. For small regular meals you can opt for small fruit portions, some granola bars or veggies option. Try eating after every 5 hours or so with small snacks in between. Even if you are waking up super late or early, you should either way stick to your eating schedule. However, small portions of a regular meal do not mean eating small [portions of junk or processed foods throughout the day. The key here is to do healthy eating which is sufficient enough to keep you going for your long day.

4- Cut out the Sugar

Sugar is nothing but white processed crystals. Sugar is the main determinant of many major diseases like diabetes and cancer. Given how demanding a doctor’s job already is, sugar will do you no good in the long run. Consuming sugar does not only aid in weight gain but it also makes you more tired throughout your day. If you absolutely must have some sugar, you can switch to brown or coconut sugar.

5- Try to eat as Clean as Possible

The time shortage is completely understandable however, incorporating some green vegetables in your life, will reward you big time. The best thing to do that is dump all of your green with a punch of a few fruits into a blender and make a smoothie. Just grab your smoothie while on your way out and you are all good to go.  Similarly, you can switch from white breads to brown whole wheat breads. For your takeout choose brown rice in place of white sticky rice. There is a small change you can make in your life which will help you eat a healthier and sable diet.

Why Should Eating Healthy be a Priority?

We all know the healthcare field is a demanding field of work. Staying on your toes for emergency hours is the biggest priority of every doctor and nurse at work. There are no long meal breaks for the medical staff. Apart from the shortage of time, the human body if deprived of proper food and rest will dive into a circadian rhythm which in result will cause severe fatigue, headaches, mood swings and gastrointestinal issues. Hence why maintaining your health should be a doctor’s number one priority.

Other small tips on how to maintain a healthier diet

Wrapping it Up

Developing a healthy routine is hard work therefore you will require a little dedication and preparation for your meals. With a little push towards the healthier side you will instantly feel more energized and active throughout your work day. 

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