Here’s All You Need To Know About International Math Olympiad

The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is the High School Student World Championship Mathematics Competition and is conducted in a different country every year.

The first IMO, with 7 countries participating, was held in Romania in 1959. It has subsequently spread from 5 continents to over 100 countries. The IMO Board guarantees that the competition takes place each year and that the IMO legislation and customs are witnessed by each host country.

The IMO Foundation is an IMO-supported charitable organization. The blog of the IMO Foundation is the main sponsor of IMO. For people who are not certainly mathematical experts, but who want to comprehend the International Mathematical Olympiad, this is a particularly valuable resource.

How To Participate In Mathematics Olympiad

IMO entry requirements

You must be a person, at least 0 years of age, and less than 20 years of age on the day of the second paper of the competition (normally in July). Participants must usually be residents of the nation they represent or long-term residents.

National Organizations

Students have up to six participants in national teams, but group members compete at the IMO as individuals. Every competing nation can send up to six students to an IMO to contest. Each contributing country has an entity in charge of choosing its team. This varies by region; it may be the Ministry of Education, or an educational foundation, or a mathematical community. You have to find out which entity in your country is accountable for team selection.


The standard arrangement is that the approved association in secondary schools (high schools) in your region will run mathematics contests. If you are an energetic young mathematician, you can start by getting hold of previous papers for these competitions and doing plenty of practice issues.


For all related regional expenditures, the company hosting an IMO would pay (i.e. accommodation, food, and local travel). However, once they appear at a specified IMO point of entry and exit, participating teams must compensate for their international travel. Teams, for instance, had to spend for travel to and from Cape Town in 2014.

Some national organizations are well-financed sufficiently that students are not charged for flying. Others can ask participants to make a travel donation or to collect donations for travel expenses.

What Is The Benefit Of IMO?

How Can I See IMO Result?

Students must log in to the website to see the IMO outcome or the outcome of the International Maths Olympiad organized by the International Math Olympiad. Enter your roll number and it will display the results.

Please login to the weekly results page to review the weekly scores and confirm your scores. One of the nation’s popular tests is the Math Olympiad.

It draws the awareness and attention of many pupils, parents as well as teachers. This is one of the Olympiads’ most famous topics. In these tests, students who master basic mathematics concepts stand a brilliant chance of scoring high.


The purpose of evaluating an enhancement of teacher professionalism after being educated in high-order math olympiad training based on high-order reading ability.  Analysis of the execution is carried out by delivering a pre-test and post-test, which will determine the success rate of the execution of these activities.

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