How Much Does It Cost to Repair a PCV Valve?

If you notice your car is misfiring in idle, presenting poorer MPG, or flashing the check engine light, the PCV valve could also be responsible . This valve controls the flow of emissions, helping lookout of the engine and therefore the environment. If the valve breaks or becomes clogged, it’ll cost up to $85 to exchange .

Across Chicagoland, drivers choose routine oil changes a day . They also go emissions tests thanks to Illinois state regulations. How are these two occurrences related? They both might require giving your car engine’s PCV valve some thought.

What Does the PCV System Do?

The car’s PCV Valve and associated PCV Valve System are fairly straightforward. There are gasses that make their way through piston rings (blowby gasses). This air cannot build up or the pressure within the crankcase will cause major issues!

Before the addition of PCV valves to cars, a tube allowed the gasses to flee . it had been an efficient way of solving the pressure problem, but as time went on, people were annoyed by the dripping oil that also fell from the tube.

As time went on, engineers began to seek out ways to scale back emissions and oil leaks altogether by using the PCV valve.

How Often should the PCV Valve Replace?

The PCV valve doesn’t break as often together as might be thought. In fact, in some cars, the PCV valve never goes bad. That being said, you ought to have checked it out during oil changes, tune ups, and if symptoms of a broken PCV valve begin to crop up on your commute.

Is it worthwhile to Repair PCV Valve in an Older Vehicle?

The PCV Valve alone isn’t actually that bad of a drag to possess in an older car. Many of us determine they have it replaced once they notice car engine noise, having problems starting the car, see an oil leak, or identify sludge under the hood.

Others only determine the matter when their car fails an Illinois emissions test or the check engine line comes on.

Either way, at only $85, the repair doesn’t break the bank.

Does Carvana pay well for your car?

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