How the Coronavirus Is Impacting Immigration?

The unique but disastrous disease Coronavirus has been declared a pandemic, and it has disturbed every field of life. The World Health Organization has also announced it a Pandemic that has negatively impacted the world. It has blocked experience in every country. So, People cannot travel from one area to another. Well, The traveling requirements have been increased. The effects of Pandemic are severe all over the world.

Similarly, immigration rules were changed, and Governments of all countries, including the United States, have revised their immigration policies. The US government has implemented entry and travel restrictions at their ports of entry. All these changes were implemented to all nonimmigrant visa holders and immigrants too. No doubt, this Pandemic has disrupted immigration proceedings and services and within America.

How is the Outbreak Affecting Immigration?

TO manage the Pandemic, the Prime minister has announced travel restrictions that limit Canada. Health authorities also have issues with the limits and guidelines for travelers and immigrants. Now you will come to know how these restrictions affect passport, citizenship, refugee, and immigration applications.

During the outbreak of COVID-19, the Government has made the immigration policy strict in several ways. For instance, with Canada, at the northern border, with Mexico at the southern border, they have closed travel. On the other hand, they were not taking green card applications for the rest of 2020, but the order does not influence current green cardholders.

Immigration Application

If someone has applied or is applying for permanent residence, the Government will recognize the application. As per the new restrictions and safety rules, the authorities will set aside the application until the circumstances are not suitable. The decision to allow or issuing immigration to a single person will leave an impact on many people. This immigration restriction has stopped non-essential travel to the USA.

Traveling to USA: Quarantine and Health Check

In this time, when the outbreak is at its peak, for the Government and the authorities, it is hard to handle the situation. It was the time when every country stopped air traveling. Across the world, there was no air-traffic in operation. People returning to their homelands had to face the strict health check and quarantine at the airports. The rules were highly strict for travelers by the USA Government.

These travelers must follow all airline rules and pass the health check to board on the flight. Anyone, who shows the symptoms of the Pandemic, was not allowed to board on the plane. Similarly, when they arrive in the USA, they assess the traveler’s health and keep them in the quarantine.

Why Did the US Government not Accept the Immigration Application?

The US government did not accept these applications because the traveling rules were highly strict for them. It was quite challenging for the Government to keep a trustworthy and authentic health check to stop the Pandemic spread. This is the reason; all types of visas were closed for the time being.

Who is Exempted?

Some specific categories of foreign nationals were exempt from this order.

What is the Cost of a Green Card?

Everyone who comes to America wants to get a green card. The cost of the green card depends on the type of green card. Form I-130, Form 1-129F, and Form I-140 are the common types of green cards. The cost of the cards changes by time and style. Similarly, you have to pay for the agent’s fee and document charges.

Moreover, if you want to know about the fee and other charges about the green card, then you have to check it online on the official website. It is the easiest and the most authentic way to know about the cost.

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