How To Get Relevant Traffic Without Adding Keywords To Content

The ever-growing process of urbanization and massive routine needs have both paved the way for growth in every sector. For this reason, there has been a substantial rise in the introduction of small and medium industries creating huge competition in every niche. Therefore, it becomes natural for these businesses to aim for digital marketing services in order to display their business on the top for all user queries targeting customers present on the web. Moreover, if we consider the trends from the past few years, it has become extremely difficult for a business to survive and sustain customers because of heavy contesting.

Also, most of the experts would suggest you target keywords which is actually a great way to take your business on the top of the search engine results page or right before the potential users. But if you are having a tough time managing with SEO services and you are not able to get your business on the top even with the best keywords, it is time to go the other way for reaching the traffic. Let’s start.

Optimize Images The Other Way

In case you are already familiar with the concepts of SEO especially the On-page part of optimizing the website, you must have heard of optimizing the images for the website. Though adjusting the image size for speed is one part, another thing which is very frequently practices is adding alt text to the images as it helps search engines know about the idea behind the image.

Most of the time, the alt texts are framed with the use of keywords but if you are facing big-time struggle working on keywords, one good thing that you can do is renaming your images specifying the image content. For instance, if you are a business that deals in trainer shoes, you can simply name the image as black trainer shoes for helping the search engine understand the reason behind the image.

Use The Power Of Wikipedia

The next step which we are going to discuss may sound strange to you but it is actually a very effective trick that can help you gain the attention of the users on the web as well as the search engines. There can be chances that you have stepped into an industry where a big and established brand is taking the entire attention of the search engines for the keywords which you are featuring on the website. In such a case, all you need to do is take your search terms to Wikipedia.

Wikipedia a free online encyclopedia helps you know the related terms on the sidebar which can help you reach the queries that have the potential to capture the right set of the targeted audience. This practice is actually very common but with the use of search engines where keywords are selected according to latent search or similar search results suggested on the search engine results page. But you can also take the help of a source like Wikipedia making your way to better traffic exposure.

A Mobile-Friendly Website

The third thing which you must necessarily work for making your website take the lead for better conversions and revenue is to plan a website that is mobile-friendly. This simply needs you to work on the optimization of content on the website for creating a smooth navigation and surfing experience for users. The steps to create a mobile-friendly website are all about working on the design, experience, and interface of the website.

This is because of the fact that the maximum number of clicks or website visits these days are done through a mobile platform. Gone are those days where people find the need to reach for a desktop in order to make any searches. Also, considering Google algorithms like Mobilegeddon and updates like mobile-first, you should aim for optimizing the website. This can be done through compression of visual data like images and videos, and many more. Moreover, you can create a great experience by bringing structure to your website content forming relevant headings that can guide the user for necessary engagement.

Update Existing Content

Another great strategy that you can work for improving your website ranking and traffic growth is updating the existing content on your website. This needs you to explore all the content on your website and fill the already ranking pages with fresh content. Moreover, you can simply get some fresh content in titles that can catch the attention of users helping you gain better conversions.

This can also include working on the process to get featured in rich snippets where you can sustain your position on position zero with the use of appropriate and effective content. Also, you can work on implementing the schema markup on your website to present any kind of specific content on your website in order to unravel the traffic opportunities.

Merger Method

Last but not least, we have the merger method to help you with your traffic needs. It is actually a potential process that can save you from the loss that you may encounter because of keyword cannibalization. If you are not aware of the term keyword cannibalization, it is the excessive use of similar keywords on multiple pages of a single website which leads to competition within the webpages of the same website.

However, to avoid such clash you can simply opt for a merger method where you can simply add the content from multiple posts to converge into a single massive data page. Even if you are having some mediocre stuff, you can merge all the content to create a single resource. Moreover, you can also redirect the existing URLs to the new page bursting the traffic that can help you work on your business goals.

Apart from the above-mentioned tricks, you can also take advantage of various social media websites likewise Reddit. Research study has shown that till May 2020, Reddit has a unique user database of around 1.5 million users. So, with so much user database, it will be completely wrong to underestimate the power of Reddit. You can research keywords via various on Reddit. As an example, you search out people via subreddits and can analyze their behavior with respect to the discussion. Alternatively, you can also check out hot topics, trending topics ongoing within subreddits.


So, if you are having a tough time working on your marketing goals with the use of keywords, now you have some of the best tricks that can work for you in creating a favorable user base. Moreover, it is entirely up to you how efficiently you implement each of these tactics so that you can gain some value for your business before the search engine. However, it still needs you to audit your website in routine to locate the opportunities that can help in better ranking and organic traffic. For auditing your website you can two options either buy out paid tools available in the market or else take the help of expert digital marketing agency. But before hiring any SEO expert or Digital Marketing Agency it is always advisable to follow strict guidelines to hire SEO professionals

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