How To Keep Your Property Safe When You Leave For Vacation

Are you leaving for vacation soon? Then you should consider yourself fortunate. Just remember to ensure your house stays secure and safe during your time away. A locksmith Acworth can do a lot of things to help you in this matter. For instance, the professional can install new and enhanced locking systems. You can also do something to protect your property and belongings. Here you’ll find a few tips regarding this matter. Maybe you always do them whenever you travel, but there’s a possibility that you don’t do everything.

Planning Ahead

When it comes to holidays and traveling, one must never leave the task of planning everything for the umpteenth minute. Inform the local post office when you’ll leave and when you’ll come back. The people working at the post office will hold on to your letters and parcels so that your mailbox doesn’t get filled up in your absence. A brimming mailbox often attracts miscreants. Once you return home, you can get everything from the post office and ask them to deliver all your stuff to you. You shouldn’t forget about your newspapers, either. Stop the service temporarily. The best locksmith Lawrenceville suggests doing it because nothing attracts burglars more than a pile of newspapers lying close to the front door of a house. It’s a clear indication that the property is vacant at the moment.

Faking it

Just because there’s no one at home doesn’t mean your property has to look vacant. It’s quite easy to fool perpetrators by leaving one or two lights on timers. They’ll get turned on at dusk and turn off at night. You can even tweak the timers to ensure the lights don’t turn on at the same moment or in the same order. Folks having smart TVs can set their devices to turn on and off based on a timer. It’s also possible to control smart TVs remotely with an application installed on your smartphone. Regardless of where you can, you can turn on your TV by tapping the screen of your smartphone a couple of times. It will make an onlooker believe there’s someone at home. Of course, for sneakier folks, turning on a light that looks like the pattern of a TV will also do the trick.

Avoid discussing

It can be quite a challenge for someone to keep their plans to themselves, especially if the plan includes going on vacation. The excitement is overwhelming enough to make anyone talk about it. A lot of people end up sharing information about upcoming holidays on their social media profiles. If you ask a locksmith Acworth, the professional will say it’s the worst idea ever. You should never forget that a social media platform doesn’t discriminate between users. Even perpetrators and repeat offenders use them. You may think that everything you share on social media will appear only to your friends, but you’ll never be able to prevent unsavory individuals from getting wind of it. Therefore, you must try to control yourself from sharing information about your vacation.


Finally, you must have faith in your friends. If you’ll be away for a long time, you must think about things other than just your mail and newspaper. If the entire neighborhood has finely trimmed lawns, one house with an overgrown garden can attract the eyes of burglars and thieves. Your house will instantly be on their radar because the condition of your yard will tell them what they need to know. So, ask one or more friends of yours to come to your house and prune those plants while you’re away. This particular idea from the best locksmith Lawrenceville helped numerous residents of the region.

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