How to Make your Paper Stickers At Home

Paper stickers are made up of high-grade paper or paper stock. They are the simplest and cheapest form of stickers. You can make them in every shape, size, and design that can be used for a lot of purposes such as records, name tags, creating instant photo stickers, and a lot of other ideas. You can get oval, round, square, and rectangular shapes at home. Custom printing makes them more useful for various needs in the most effective manner. Custom paper stick-on are the most sustainable and also the most affordable for everyone yet the most luxurious.

Stickers are the most loveable and nostalgic memory from everyone’s childhood. They used to be the most used and adored thing to play with. Every household has some kind of stickers, whether it is for personal use or home-based small business. Paper stickers are the most useful in spreading the word out about whatever thing you are using it for.

Well, there are a lot of companies that offer custom stickers in wholesale. They are the cheapest than other alternatives that are available in the market. It is because wholesale vendors always deal in bulk, which reduces the price per unit.

… But what is the most reasonable solution than this?

Printing stickers at home!

If you are running a small business but want to save as much as possible, printing stickers at home is the best way. There is not only that it is a cheaper option but also because you can create shapes, sizes, and designs according to your choice most effectively sitting at home.

Well, first thing’s first, here are the thing you will be needing to create the most amazing stickers at home. It is important to gather all the stuff beforehand to save yourself from the struggle of finding everything at the moment.


  1. Laptop or system with a Microsoft word or any other equivalent software to design your stickers.
  2. An inkjet printer for custom paper sticker printing.
  3. Sticker paper, the most important of all.
  4. Scissor or paper cutter for cutting the stickers.


Now you are ready to make your stickers.

Step 1: Designing

Use your desired software (most preferable and easy to use is Microsoft word) to design your sticker. Use any image that you would like to make into a sticker, logo, patterns, or any other design of your choice.

Great, you are done designing your perfect sticker.

Step 2: Printing

It is time to take the printout of your stick-on onto the paper.

Well, hold on, your paper stickers printing is in process.

Printing Tips:

Step 3:

Here you are holding you printed paper stickers. You can say it is the hardest part of sticker making at home because you want to cut very precisely at the edges to get a fine cut.

Congratulations, you have your first paper sticker ready to be used according to your need.

This method is best used for the shapes that are simplest, such as, square, circle, and rectangle. It is because complex shapes require computer guided cutter like circuit cutter or epilog cutter.

There is always a first time, do not worry if you do not get precise cuts or the quality, size, or design you were expecting to get because there is always a first time. It is all about the practice. The more you will experiment with the designing and placing of the stickers rightly on the paper, you will be able to achieve the desired results.

These stickers can be used for every type of indoor use, such as;

There is no limitation or restrictions when it comes to customization or usage. It is all about how creative and imaginative you can get with your designs and shapes, which makes them the most versatile and cost-effective.

… There are no doubt other cost-effective options to get customized stickers, such as wholesale. They offer the cheapest possible rates to the customers to customers and companies for bulk orders. Wholesale vendors offer the most unique, durable, stylish, affordable, and most sustainable solution. If you are not sure about making your custom Paper Stickers, you can always go for custom wholesale for all your label and sticker needs.

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