How to Write a Product Description that Brings Sale Inside your Store

The product description provides information and specification about the product and why it is worth spending the money. It summarizes the features and benefits of the product that compels customers to make an immediate purchase.

Don’t get me wrong but describing what product does with detailed information using power words is not bad. However, this approach is not perfect for writing a high-converting product description. Because first, it does not fit into your eCommerce product descriptions copywriting model. And second consumers are not driven by the logic illustrated in the descriptions.

But there is an extraordinary way to write the product descriptions that can persuade customers to spend their money on your products. In this guide, we have come up with simple yet effective ways to write a product description that brings sales inside your store.

How to write a product description that brings sales

Invoke Positivity

Ecommerce marketers typically want to position their product as best in class and leader for that category by highlighting its best features. However, those are not sufficient reasons for customers to purchase. Customers justify their purchase decisions with a blend of emotions and logic.

Shift your focus from what’s good about your product while writing the description and try to think about how your products can invoke positivity, instead. Online shopping differs in many ways from brick-mortar shops. For instance, it does not offer consumers to see, look, feel the product, which is the best thing when shopping from a physical store.

But a well-written persuasive product description helps customers to visualize the product, which they would correlate with all the positive emotions they will feel while using it. You may describe benefit and feature all you want but a high-converting product description usually contains emotions consumers will feel while using your products. So, capture that essence in your product descriptions as well and bring more sales.

Address to the Status

Many times, consumers purchase certain things to obtain status in the society. Through the use or consumption of specific products, customers yearn to possess status by purchasing products purposefully or not. Therefore, your product’s descriptions should relate to the status of your consumers.

Addressing the status of customers often leads to invoking the feeling of exclusivity in their minds. This makes them desire your product even more and drives them to make an instant purchase. However, it does not mean to sell the only luxurious items on your store that speak their status. The description should address the needs of consumers to have the best products for themselves.

Only a few eCommerce marketers apply this powerful strategy. Statements that start with “Don’t settle for less than the best” triggers the greed inside the consumers to settle for the best. Discover the status of your customers they mostly seek out of the product they purchase and leverage it to bring in more sales.

Address Common Fears

Addressing positive emotion as well as the common fears of your customers may help them convert into loyal customers. find what are the common fears most of your consumers have and leverage them for your benefits.

You can also go upside-down in your product description strategy. This means that first write up what issues your products are solving and then make customers imaging life without that product. Pressure on those common fears of your customers and then, as a solution, offer your products that ease their life.

It’s not a complex process to implement and may prove to be effective if used in a smart way for high-end products. Because all that your customers want is to be free from all their fears and buying your products is the way for them to do so.

Resolve Customers’ Pain Points

As per our natural instincts, we all want to get out of the painful events of our life and go towards comfort. If your products stand as a solution your customers want in order to avoid or prevent the unwanted and painful situation, then they have more chance to become a bestseller.

For this strategy to work as per your plan, first, you have to remind your customers about a painful situation in the introduction of the product description. Even if they don’t feel the same way right now, but it creates doubts and questions in their mind while reading. And that’s when your products come to the rescue. Offer products as a solution that resolves all their current and future problems and helps them avoid any pain points.

This makes them take an impulsive decision of purchase in order to become free from those pain points. It’s taken that finding the right pain point takes a bit of time but it’s worth all the effort in the end when sales start to come in.

Present a Mix of Humor

Everyone likes a sense of humor in the product description. Because they help to convert customers in a better and more eloquent way. Also, a humorous description helps build more close relations with your customers. However, bringing a smile on consumers’ faces is not that easy job especially when your industry does not deal with fun and entertaining products.

Still, your product description can have a balance of serious and funny side of your products. It helps your products to stand out against your competitors. Adding a sense of humor a little bit does not mean you have to crack jokes in your product description. But you have to be subtle about the way you incorporate the humor that makes your brand more likable to your customers. The key here is not to force humor, it should naturally come out from your product’s description. And that’s when the magic happens.

Manage Probable Doubts

As an eCommerce store owner, if you take care of your inventory personally, then you might know all about your product’s strengths and weaknesses as well. So, when customers don’t buy from you, chances are that you might know the reasons why?

Maybe it’s because the price is too high, shipping or returns are not favorable, have a quality issue, or any other issues. If you know what obstacles or doubts your customers have, you can address those issues in the product’s description. So that your consumers won’t have a chance to object because all their doubts will get cleared before they do so.

This type of product description works especially for those eCommerce stores that deal with high-end products. And your customers may have a second thought before purchasing them. So, think about them and incorporate problems they might have during their buying journey in the product description. Not only they will like it but appreciate it as well, which can bring sales in an enormous amount.

Wrap Up

If you have trouble writing the pitch-perfect product description, then you can simply try on the above-listed types of product descriptions. You can try on different things with these best practices and combine them to see which works for your brand.

Also, telling stories and adding knowledgeable facts about products won’t get old. Still, you have to try on a different approach for your brand to write product descriptions that brings sales inside your store. If you further need help with anything related to eCommerce sales and conversion boosters, you can easily consult an eCommerce expert. An expert can make your store more attractive and irresistible for customers and helps in making your store a leader in your industry.

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