Best LimeTorrents Proxy/Mirrors And Alternative Sites in 2020

Amongst the lesser-known torrenting sites is one named LimeTorrents. This was launched in 2009 and provides a large selection of media content that you can download. This site offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to search for the Content you want. Well, LimeTorrents has a wide variety of torrent categories to choose from, including games, TV shows, movies, anime, and apps.

Now, Gamers who also torrent will like the site as it has over 200,000 games available for all popular platforms. Lovers of music videos will find many selections on the website, and there are thousands of apps for Windows, Linux, and Mac on LimeTorrents.

Why is LimeTorrents Blocked?

As well, there is a good chance that if you cannot access LimeTorrents, you live in a country where the website is blocked due to the enforcement of copyright laws. So, Countries that take that sort of exceptionally have instructed ISPs to stop your ability to reach the places to curb piracy.

Now, Your ISP will also often restrict your access or at least throttle your download speed to make it impossible to download anything in a reasonable amount of time successfully. People are well aware of the bandwidth you will be using and may not want to give it up.

LimeTorrents Proxy & Mirrors Websites

So, Some great LimeTorrents Mirror sites in 2020 that will assist you to Unblock LimeTorrents with ease. Moreover, these proxy websites are not banned in most countries and tested by our team. Thus, At the duration of writing this post, these proxy sites are online and working correctly.

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Now, You can Copy and Paste These URLs in the Search box to Access these LimeTorrents Proxy Websites. Well, This List Consists of both official and unofficial Lime Torrent substitutes.

Best LimeTorrents Alternatives

Further, LimeTorrents, many feature-packed torrent sites, can be used to download TV Series and Movies Torrents. Therefore, in no specific order, these are five Best Alternatives to LimeTorrents that are worth checking out.

The Pirate Bay

If you are a Limetorrents Regular user, then chances are high you must have heard about The Pirate Bay. Accordingly, TPB is referred to as the king of torrents. Now, You can find all sorts of Content on this website with ease. Plus, As a visitor, you can both contribute and download torrent files and magnet links. Well, Do note that several ISPs across the world also block the Pirate Bay.


1337x is feature-packed Alternatives to Limetorrents. So, Content on 1337x is well organized into different sections, and the intuitive user interface of this torrent site comes in handy while searching range. As well, Comparable to Limetorrent, you can also download and upload movies, games, ebooks, anime, music, TV shows, Documentaries, plus other stuff on 1337x.


RARBG is the subsequent terrific Alternatives to LimeTorrents, which works with the same file-sharing procedure. Presently, RARBG is the third most favored torrent site on the internet, where people can create an account and publish the torrent data. Here was launched in 2008 in addition to love at present, RARBG is likewise blocked in many nations; similar web information informs that RARBG has more than 97 million visitors in a month.


Torrentz2 is a wild and excessive torrent meta-search engine– linking results from dozens of torrent websites. It is Tested, and a Great Torrents can create water down torrent sites just and one of the most excellent Alternatives to LimeTorrents.


YTS is one of the power along with the earliest Movies torrent website around, which you can see. It is Similar to LimeTorrents, YTS concentrates on Movies Torrents. Now, You will not understand, yet the site currently has higher than 9000+ Movies torrents, which you can download & Watch Online using Popcorn Time Application. Here, You will indeed discover great deals of high-grade as well as most current Movies Platform. Next, YTS is one more ideal LimeTorrents Alternatives that you can see.

Ways To Download Torrent Files?

All Torrent file is a computer file containing metadata about folders and data to be distributed and generally a list of trackers’ network locations. Also, download files using torrent, download the torrent file from any torrent site or search engine, And open it in a torrent client. This is suggested to download torrent files with the best number of seeds and peers for stable and reliable download speed.

Is LimeTorrents illegal?

One of the repeated queries related to downloading Torrent content from torrenting sites is “Is Torrenting Legal?”. In law, it is. Though, if you are downloading and redistributing copyrighted material, then it’s an illegal activity.

The copyright holder might even bring legal actions against you. Well, This comes under the category of pirated Content. The said, if you are sharing non-copyrighted ContentContent, then Torrenting is entirely legal.

Final Words:

Henceforth, these were some of the Top-Rated LimeTorrents Proxy sites. Then, I hope you will get LimeTorrent Unblocked using these Proxies and Download torrents for free. Well, Do you share any other Alternatives that you utilize in the comments section below?

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