Mining Resumes Advice and Tips

When looking for a job, your resume should be the first thing you prepare. Your resume is what gives your prospective employers a first look at your skills to help determine if you’re a potentially good fit for the job.

Indeed, no matter the industry, you should take the time to carefully write your resume. If you’re looking for mining jobs Perth opportunities, then you need to step it up even more. The mining industry is a highly competitive one and you need your resume to stand out.

To help you prepare a stellar resume that will help you secure your dream job in a mining company, here are a few tips:

Include Detailed Experience

Be as detailed as possible with regards to your experience. However, make sure you know which ones are actually relevant to the job you’re applying for. This becomes even more critical if you’ve been working for a long time and have a long list of qualifications. You don’t want to bore the hiring manager, who is sure to be going through multiple applications every day.

Experience at Physical Labour

Most mining jobs require physical labour, especially those directly involved with the actual mining. If you have experience at physical labour, make sure to include it in your resume. If you have previous experience in another mining site, all the better.

Excellent Physical Health

In relation to the previous point, have yourself checked and make sure to note that you’re in good physical condition. Mining jobs will expose you to health hazards. As such, employers will have more peace of mind if their employees are healthy and don’t have diseases that can be aggravated by the work environment.

Choose Your References Carefully

Your potential employer will usually call references when they’re already in the final stages of the decision-making process. Your references are often used to verify that what you wrote in your resume and what you said in the interview are true. Thus, make sure that your references are those in a good position to confirm that you truly are a good fit for the job. Be mindful of the instructions, too. Only provide references if you’re explicitly asked to provide them. If not, keep a separate document and be ready to furnish a copy when it’s requested.

Clean Driving Record

A driver’s licence is not a requirement for mining jobs in Australia. However, having one is a distinct advantage, especially if the licence is Class C or higher. If you do have a driver’s licence, a clean driving record will certainly be advantageous. Beyond simply showing that you’re a qualified as a driver, this can help show off that you have important qualities such as patience and a capacity to adhere to regulations.


A lot of mining jobs are also FIFO jobs. Thus, you need to be able to show commitment in your resume. This may come in the form of previous work experience where you stayed and saw through the completion of successful projects.

Clean Social Media Presence

Some hiring managers check their applicants’ social media pages. It won’t hurt your chances if you’re sharing cute videos or funny memes, but violence and other unsavoury content may send a red flag. Try to keep your social media presence as clean as possible.

With these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to crafting a resume that will attract your potential employer. Good luck!

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