Best PDF Editor Online to Edit PDF Files

The best section about PDF Files is that the file remains the same on every device they are seen on. For this reason, PDF is the most suitable options for essential files and documents. It is generally straightforward to add or delete text and edit the content on different tools, but it is not easy to edit the PDF for which a useful PDF Editor Software is used.

Best PDF Editor Online to Edit PDF Files

Because of not all of these free PDF Editors support the same features, some are restricted in what you can do, Then, remember that you can process the same in PDF and more than one App. 

Apowersoft Online PDF Editor

This PDF Editor requires a small work in the beginning, which is that of its downloading process. But once the users download this software, they can edit the PDF very quickly and easily. It has various unique features that make the work effortless. It can be used in any modern browser. This software is very useful in editing the PDF without paying any cost.


It is a well know image viewer and editor. But it works wonders when it comes to editing a PDF file. The best part is that it is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. It helps in cleansing the images available in the PDF files. For this reason, this software is beneficial to users. Editing of pictures in the PDF files becomes easy without any hustle due to this software.

Small PDF

This software is generally compact but very useful when it comes to editing PDF files. It provides users with a free trial, which can sometimes be enough to get through the work done. However, if the user wants the PDF Editor, the free trial lets you understand the software better in the long run.

This software involves direct editing, but the users can also use Small PDF to fill in forms, design, unlock, or protect a PDF. The SSL feature secures the edits made on this editor. This software covers the PDF file from getting in a third party’s hand for the document’s safety and protection. The users have to pay for this software after the trial period is over.


It is one of the very functional PDF Editors, making the PDF Editor’s job easier and comfortable. It is one of the top PDF Editors for Windows. PDF Editor needs to be downloaded by the users to complete the online editing tasks for free.

This software’s main drawback is that it lacks certain main PDF editing features available in other tools. It has three versions labelled as Premium and Ultimate. All have different parts, and the price keeps increasing accordingly.

PDF-XChange Editor

It allows to retype, delete, and reformat text and adapts well if the document uses a font installed on the computer. Moreover, it is built-in with OCR. It can even split and extract pages.

Nitro PRO

It is also the best PDF editing software that is used effortlessly by the PDF files editor. The OCR technology backs up this software for editing scanned PDFs. Again, this software has a trial period, but the features available to the users are limited. This software has two versions, which are paid and business.

The paid version consists of various advance and useful features. This bought version can be a little expensive on the user’s part, so it’s advised to use this software for small projects, which can be covered in the trial period. Nitro Pro has two versions, paid and business.

Adobe Acrobat XI Pr

This is one of the best PDF editing software. The features of this editor make it stand out from the rest of its alternatives. This software is a little expensive on the user’s part, but it works wonders for editing a PDF file or document.

The users need not work hard to understand the software. Instead, it has a simple interface and is straightforward to use. This software also involves the trial period. Due to its expensive nature, this PDF is not used in many business firms.

Sejda PDF Editor

The editor’s user interface is very user-friendly and can take a little time to get its hang. It helps the users to get rid of the task of editing a PDF very quickly. Not only this, but it assists in various additional charges.

A signature, comments, and links can be added with the help of this software. It also allows the users to create fillable PDF forms, edit the content in PDF documents.

PDF Element

PDF Element is one of the best free PDF editing software. This software works best with Adobe Acrobat. The users can have a free trial of this software, which makes them familiar with its application and usage.

This software also has paid access to the tools and features, which is very affordable. It has OCR technology, which allows the users to edit/extract the PDF files from scanning. This software has a different and unique feature that makes the office work, and the work is very smooth.

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Final Words :

These were the best PDF Editors. All of these have their speciality. The users can select their PDF editing software according to the purpose and work.

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