What are Some Unusual Uses of a Smartphone?

In addition to the traditional use of pocket gadgets for making calls, there are many other ways to get a benefit from it. Often, it is something incredible. A fitness trainer, a musical instrument, a spectrometer, a voice translator from a child’s language, etc. This is not the whole list of what your touch-screen phone can do. Learn more at apppearl.

Smartphone owners usually use only a small part of their capabilities. As a rule, they are content only with calls, SMS, social networks, games, and access to the Internet. But in addition to this, the smartphone can still do a lot of things. This is especially true for the newest premium models, which introduce all sorts of super-innovative things like flipping text with your eyes. Of course, not everyone can use such extravagant abilities, but there are a lot of useful features available to most smartphone owners on any popular platform.

Sports assistant

Perhaps one of the most common non-core uses of a smartphone is as a personal supervisor during physical activity, or just as a fitness trainer. If the latter consists of installing a specialized application with information about exercises, the former uses the hardware capabilities of the smartphone to the full.

All you need to do is to install an app like Runtastic (for all major platforms). It tracks all possible parameters of a person while running or cycling. The app is launched before the start of training, and the person receives full statistics on the distance covered. This information includes the number of calories spent, exact travel time, distance, ascents/descents, average speed, etc.

Note that most of the information is based on data obtained from GPS satellites. This is convenient at least because you don’t need to connect to the Internet for the most part. However, if you want to see such information in real-time on the map, you will need the Internet. In General, sports apps cover all aspects of training, and there are even exotic ones. For example, the 6 Weeks app allows you to get an athletic figure in just six weeks with proper perseverance.

GPS and people

Most people use GPS satellites only as an application to various maps and navigation systems to accurately determine their location. But GPS has more features: for example, as described in the previous part, to record active physical activity.

GPS applications hide really interesting features for working with satellites. For example, the GPS Speedometer app shows you the current speed of both you (if you are walking) and the car, including altitude messages. It is still theoretically possible to determine the speed of the aircraft, sitting in the cabin; but in practice, this is not available to every device.

Or you can also try the GPS Test app to see how many active satellites your smartphone can now catch. The accuracy and speed of the coordinates used for all the above operations depend on it.

By the way, recently scientists at the University of California have found another use for GPS sensors in smartphones. They were used to gather information about the underwater world.

Composing Music

One of the trends of recent years is the electronization of musical instruments: from vinyl turntables to piano and guitar. Today you can use your smartphone as a musical instrument.

And not just as a regular DJ console with sixteen virtual pads, but also as many different classical instruments. For example, the virtual piano (the My Piano app) or virtual guitars (the Virtual Guitar app).

You play them by tapping strings or pressing the keys on the screen. And most importantly, the quality of the music samples used in them is surprisingly good.

By the way, there’s a lot of DJ stuff in markets, too. DJ Control, DJ Studio, etc. In general, if you want, everyone can find an application of his or her taste to hold an emergency party or just have fun.

And with their help, you can also learn. You can easily find a guitar book with basics and an advanced one, as well as an explanation of the basics of musical literacy. And, importantly, it’s free or cheap.

Weather Station

This feature is available to owners of Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 and other expensive devices. They have a hardware barometer, and the corresponding application (like Barometer) displays readings on a widget or just on the screen. There are simpler apps for everyone else: they take information from servers about the weather, using GPS coordinates, or manually entered data about a specific city. Such applications cannot be called a full-fledged barometer, it is more like an imitation of it.

The capabilities of such a barometer correspond to the name. It measures the current level of atmospheric pressure, shows it on the screen in various quantities, and predicts the weather based on changes in it.

Cat Toy

Many people like cats and even more people like to play with them. And let it seem strange, but there is even a special kind of application for this.

For example, the Human-to-Cat Translator application translates human speech into a variety of meows. And it is believed that your cat will understand it. And PetSnap uses 32 pre-recorded sounds to attract your pet. So you can take pictures with it and even edit it if you want. And finally, there are a variety of simple toys for cats. For example, the Cat Alone app. On tablet screens, your cat can catch a fish in the pond or just chase a drawn mouse or butterfly.

Gaining knowledge

The possibilities of both smartphones and tablets in terms of training are simply bottomless in every sense. Just visit sites with online textbooks, or use services to learn languages or chemical elements. You can download an app with a three-dimensional anatomical Atlas or launch another with a detailed model of the Solar System.

It is easy to take various tests both online and as an application. You can expand your horizons with them. Even children can be accustomed to this process. So that they play educational games instead of useless ones.

In general, the possibilities of both smartphones and tablets in terms of training are really rich.

Saving your Health

This topic is infinitely vast. Therefore, it is difficult to fit into one section the entire range of applications that are available to the owner of a gadget who cares about their health.

For example, an interpreter application has been developed. It helps parents analyze a child crying by 80 parameters and gives a result – what the child wants.

Owners of new products from Samsung can enjoy the S Health app. It monitors the user’s health based on systematic daily analysis of information from multiple sensors built into the device.

But if you don’t have a Samsung Galaxy S4 or something like that, you can use apps like Water balance. The program monitors the water level in your body based on the entered data – both initial (height, weight, lifestyle, etc.) and daily. It helps with various diets not to lose shape, not to drink too much or drink insufficient volume of liquid.

Of course, you can’t do without small programs that control your weight. They usually collect information about the nutritional value of certain products, which can be used for daily use. Such applications can collect data and analyze it later. For example, the Calorie Counter app.

In General, it is incredibly easy to monitor your health with the help of modern pocket gadgets.

In conclusion

As a result, it is quite easy to find non-standard usage for such everyday things as smartphones and tablets. It can often be things that you could never have imagined. And most likely, shortly, we will have a lot of new incredible opportunities.

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