TOP 10 Best Small Amusement Parks in America You Should Visit With Kids

Visiting amusement parks is a big dream of kids and their parents. You are responsible for what they see and do. So, it is better to plan your trip in the best way.

Visiting amusement parks is a big dream of kids and their parents. You are responsible for what they see and do. So, it is better to plan your trip in the best way. Any plans about cars? Of course, you should rent a car from Aco car rental in Orlando. This is the most popular kiddy destination and one of the best car rental companies you can deal with. Check their feedbacks. Renting a good family car is not problematic at all. The most problematic question for all parents is picking the right destination. You are wrong if you think that your kids will be glad to visit any amusement park, no matter its thematic, size, age preferences. Small amusement parks are the best for young travelers. This is how you can avoid big crowds, dangerous rides, and sky-high prices.


These small amusement parks are recommended for families of all ages. Check if you know them!


  1. Go to Cliff’s Amusement Park in Albuquerque

This is the oldest amusement park in Albuquerque. It is more than 60 years! The park attracts people with its wooden roller coaster, and the water park, called WaterMania! Actually, tourist families often visit water parks in summer as the best way to entertain kids and cool off on a hot afternoon. No big crows and crazy behavior, just happy kids.

  1. Go to Coney Island in New York

Coney Island in Brooklyn is a popular kiddy place. It attracts families with a big number of amusement parks/ Welcome to Luna park, the newest amusement park on this territory. Try their Cyclone wood roller coaster! You’ll get maximum impressions.

  1. Go to Glenwood Adventure Park in Glenwood Springs

Welcome to Colorado! This is a popular tourist destination. People come here for hiking, mountain climbing. Families come here for visiting Glenwood! Have you ever tried a cave tour? It must be very adventurous. The park offers many rides and attractions including their popular Cliffhanger Roller Coaster and Canyon Flyer.

  1. Go to Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg

This is not a park, but a big resort for family travelers. They have more than 60 rides for all ages. Also, you can have tasty snacks and drinks when having a break between the rides. The territory is huge so that you can arrange a picnic or just take some rest and play with kids outdoors.


  1. Go to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster

This is the best place for young princes and princesses. The most of attractions are designed in a fairy-tale style. Also, you can try water rides at the Duke’s Lagoon and the Pipeline Plunge. Visiting park is like fall into a fantastic book.

  1. Go to Magic Theme and Water Park in Hot Springs

This park is not big in size bus has 5 roller coasters for rides of different ages. There is a water park too. This is a large water area with a big pool, water slides, and even a surfing zone.

  1. Go to Nickelodeon Universe in Minneapolis

Everyone likes Nickelodeon, who doesn’t? The territory is not big, comparing it with others. But people often come here for the Orange Streak roller coaster and 25 more interesting rides. Your kids will be glad to meet their favorite cartoon characters, including SpongeBob, Paw Patrol, and Ninja Turtles.

  1. Go to Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a popular beach territory. People often come here to spend their time on the beach. Why not? California beaches are always friendly! Nevertheless, you can give more joy to your kids taking them to the Beach Boardwalk. This California amusement park can boast its Giant Dipper wooden roller coaster. There are more other rides and attractions you can visit together with your kids.


  1. Go to Santa’s Village in Jefferson

This is the best place where you can celebrate Christmas! Come to the Santa’s Village Place and you can see about 20 family-friendly rides, Elf University, Santa’s House, and Light show. The park is available even in summer so you can visit it anytime. Your kids will be surprised to spending Christmas time in the water park!


  1. Go to Holiday World in Santa Claus

This is a popular family park in Indiana. Have you ever heard about Thunderbird? This is the oldest wing coaster in America! Also, you can try water rides and the longest water hill in the world. Your kids will enjoy their time spent in such a beautiful place. The park occupies small territory but offers free drinks, tasty snacks.

Come to a small theme park and you will see how much joy it can give to your kids! Of course, spending time with the whole family can be challenging. Nevertheless, the success of your trip mostly depends on the right destination.

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