Top 5 Content Marketing Tips to Increase E-Commerce Sales

A play that proceeds flawlessly on the stage has a lot of hard work going on behind the curtains; content marketing is no different. On the surface level, you might think that it’s an effortless process but if you look beneath carefully, the efforts in creating the brand awareness, driving traffic, gaining a competitive edge, and earning customer loyalty, will be easily visible. Amid all other businesses, e-commerce businesses have realized the importance of content for building a sturdy web presence and multiplying their sales.

Needless to say, they are always in synchronization with the latest content marketing tips. And as these content strategies keep changing rapidly due to technological advancements and changing consumer preferences, the need to follow them becomes even more important. Business owners prefer to hire content writers in India due to their impressive know-how of these fluctuating content styles. Besides helping them drive sales, this practice is also becoming popular for its surprising cost benefits. Here are the top 5 tips for an e-commerce business to boost the conversion rates with the help of content:

1. E-Mailing

One of the best possible ways to revive your e-commerce content process is by e-mail. Although all e-commerce businesses are adopting this approach, only some succeed in garnering the attention of their target customers. Thus, doing it right is important. Here are some ways e-mailing can help you increase sales by content marketing:

  1. a) Personalized E-Mails: Customising e-mails in accordance with the customer’s preferences. Using his/her name to greet.
  2. b) Welcome E-Mails: Making the customers feel valued by welcoming them as soon as they subscribe to your website.
  3. c) Promotional E-Mails: Telling customers about the promotional offers and discounts to encourage them to purchase.
  4. d) Reminder E-Mails: Informing subscribers when the items in their cart are going out of stock or are becoming cheaper.
  5. e) Holiday E-Mails: Earning a lifetime bond with the customers by sending them seasonal or festival greetings/wishes.

2. Product Guides

There are many products upon the online stores that come with a user’s guide. According to the latest content marketing tips, these guides can play a vital role in up-selling. Firstly, you can explain the product functionality in detail to answer all the possible consumer queries related to your product. This will help build up the trust in the hearts of the customers for your products and brand. Secondly, you can use this method to suggest them to purchase some related products offered by you. A basic example of this can be the brand suggestion of using the same-variant conditioner with a shampoo for the best results.

3. Print Media

Magazines and newspapers are some evergreen means of advertising. There are yet millions of regular readers who prefer print media more than social networking websites. The amalgamation of high-quality content and enticing visuals makes print media another popular content marketing option. Many e-commerce giants follow this practice regularly. Their promotional campaigns in newspapers are very common, considering that they are a part and parcel of every household. Many of these organizations have also launched their own brand-specific magazines that are subscribed by their loyal customers. This helps in keeping the readers updated about the new launches and promotional offers.

4. Guest Blogging

One of the most Gen-Next content marketing tips is guest blogging. Not only does it help in enhancing your brand image and website traffic, but also serves as a great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool. If you are new to guest blogging, an expert tip will be to avoid sounding overly promotional and just write on the lines of pain points of your target audience. Longer posts with relatable, real-life examples are always better.

5. Storytelling

According to Robert McKee, “storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world”. This method can be your turning stone in the path of connecting with your target customers. Targeting the beliefs and values of your target audience, write a story introducing your products and services. Let them know how your offerings can be helpful in their everyday lives and deliver your brand message impactfully. One of the best ways to do so is to ask your present customers to share their success stories and then weave a heart-touching story around it.

Thus, content marketing is an inseparable part of a profound marketing strategy. For anyone in an e-commerce business wanting to imbibe the ABCs of content marketing, the idea to hire content writers in India can be one of the safest bets. To be doubly sure, you can go through the experiences of some business owners who have experimented with the global trend of outsourcing for content marketing. This way or that, stay ahead in the race and keep learning.

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