Christmas is just around the corner and, although this year has not been easy for anyone, we try to look with optimism at the future, dreaming ourselves to spend some joyful holiday moments and to start a great New Year.

Companies are still going through a chaotic period between trying not to close the year at a loss, keeping employee morale high, planning future activities in a scene never before faced, pampering customers who have proven themselves loyal fans of the brand.

These days we are here to organize corporate gifts for employees and customers and, in a period like this one, the priority is to hit the mark with a nice and useful gift, rewarding in the hands of the person who receives it, but at the same time cheap for the Company’s pockets.

Below we review the best 5 solutions for promotional items or corporate gifts, new and not obvious at all: with them you will make the best impression for sure.


Customized water bottles are one of the most popular promotional items and very used by Companies for its give aways. The message that is conveyed by the Company with this gift is always positive, cause of the attention to the environment. And you’ll be considered a super trendy brand, as well!

Definitely, this idea is the right choice, but pay attention to don’t give away a simple bottle, you risk to duplicate something that your client surely already has at home.

Orient your attention on models with some accessories included, such as this 600ml plastic sports bottle with built-in Bluetooth case, sold in a gift box. Sport and music together, a good message of freedom and health to be transmitted!


If in the first period of a pandemic the interest for promotional items has gone towards personalized masks and sanitizing products, now the new trend is to select popular objects such as pens, cups, bags, treated with antibacterial substances.

An additive is added at the production stage which permanently protects the material from the harmful and degrading effects of bacteria, mold, rust, and fungi, preventing the growth of any bacterial strain, without the need to add additional cleaning fluids or sprays, thus keeping the product sanitized.

In order to ensure that products are treated with non-harmful and genuinely antibacterial substances, we suggest asking for certification. To obtain certification, the materials are contaminated with selected microbial strain suspensions and, after a specified time, is quantified the microbial mortality due to contact with the material.

The objects that we recommend you to consider are those that can be most used by an employee at his desk: then the antibacterial mouse pad, for example, a pen or notebook to take notes. Interesting to consider the complete kit.

Also in this case the gift will be appreciated and surely used since prevention is another current topic.


Speaking of desk products, this set made up of a ceramic cup with a lid and heating system is ideal for those who have to sit hours in front of a PC. The wireless charger is integrated into the kit.

The sense that is conveyed with this gift is special attention to the person and to his comforts while he is carrying out his daily work. If the object is used at the workstation, your logo impression day by day will be assured!


Personalised shopping bags are not a new promotional item, we know. The attention to sustainability and the use of new materials, however, is a current topic, so giving a simple and very used object, with an eye to the environment, is without any doubt a centered choice. The cost of this item is very low, the printing area quite huge, so you can achieve two goals: the visibility of your logo and a saving on your budget.

We propose this model made with recycled cotton.


People go crazy for accessories with multi-functionality. But when you speak about technological gadgets the interest becomes even higher, and also their perceived value. This plastic pen holder is equipped with a 4-port USB hub, a built-in cell phone holder, and 4 LED lights. And don’t call it a simple desk accessory!

In conclusion, when you think about effective business gifts you should always consider some simple points:

Ah, I forgot the basic components to reach your goal: fantasy and common sense, ever!

And now it’s up to you! What is the promotional item you would prefer to receive or give away?


Higift is an online shop dedicated to promotional items and corporate gifts. You can select among 5.000 and more options, from office to leisure items, games, Textiles, technology, and much more. All the objects you find on the web site are customizable with your logo or image. Higift was created in 2013 from another project of the same Company (Gmedia Group) named GadgetLab that was dedicated exclusively to big production and import of promotional items from South-East Asia. Our experience in this industry was born about 20 years ago and the necessity to create an online shop was really challenging in 2013. While with Gadgetlab our clients order a huge quantity of goods, with Higift they can have small quantities in a shorter time. During the last years, we tried to improve the functionalities of the online shop, adding new products, and getting better also in the customer experience, during and after-sales. Our journey has just begun!

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