Top 6 Key Modules of Cloud-based HR Management Software

The ‘human resource’ team is one of the major components behind the success of any organization. Today, traditional HR methods won’t do much to attain result-driven workforce management. Hence, some advanced technical assistance is essential to align the HR team properly with the company’s vision and mission.

Let’s start with motivating your human resource department to switch from spreadsheets to cloud-based HR management software. It will help them to improve the way their team functions. HRMS software plays an integral part in making HR professionals more efficient and productive. Below are top 6 key modules that must include in the HR management software;

• Payroll system

Payroll processing system is the core activity of every HR solution and this system helps in tracking employee attendance, managing statutory compliances, deduction calculations, etc. With the right payroll system, you can also eliminate flaws in PF (provident fund) calculations and can efficiently run this payroll processing function.

Also, you don’t have to worry about meeting pay schedules and tax deadlines as it performs all the payroll-related activities for you.

• Attendance and leave tracking

The major yet time-consuming part of managing HR duties is tracking attendance and leaves of employees. But, this module of the HR management system can automatically track, manage and store employees’ attendance and leaves data in a single interface. This feature helps human resources in effective workforce management and also mitigates complexities of HR processes.

• Recruitment Management System

Recruitment management software makes hiring processes a lot easier by organizing job openings, storing information of potential applicants, etc. From job posting to onboarding, the whole recruitment procedure will run much smoother by using this intelligent module of HR management software.

• Employee Self Service Portal

You can boost employee experience by allowing them access to their employment details, tax documents, personal information, etc. Hence, invest in HR management software that has built-in employee self service module. In fact, opt for a platform that provides a mobile app, enabling staff to access their profile from anywhere, anytime.

• AI-powered HR Chatbot

Addressing employee queries can be just as tedious as payroll processing. But, it is an important factor to enhance the  experience and build a great work culture for staff.

As HR managers have hundreds of others tasks that influence the performance of the organization directly, so implementing AI-powered HR chatbots to connect with employees is a smart move. This tool is very useful to take employee engagement to another height by replying instantly to queries of employees.

• HR reporting and analytics

The system is responsible to provide HR professionals an overview of an organization’s workforce as well as operational activities in a single interface. Generally, it is available with built-in reporting tools to generate accurate and quick reports and saves lot of time of the HR department.

Also, generating automated reports decreases data redundancy as well as human errors in the organization. With the correct information available in just a few clicks, HR professionals can make the most of this data.

Instead of over staffing in HR team, a smart decision is to invest in HR management software. But make sure that it has all the above mentioned modules in it.  This software is necessary to empower your HR team and maximize their productivity. Also, ensure that the system has the desirable set of built-in tools that align with the employer’s objectives.

Opt for customized HRMS software rather than waiting for the perfect tool! The software must be selected with such intent that both employers and employees progress together. Don’t get stuck in the limited functionality software.

Today, millennials comprise the majority of the workforce and traditional HR practices are no longer working as good as they used to. Hence, encourage your HR department to leverage new-gen technological solutions.

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