TOP 7 Benefits of Dominica Citizenship

Thinking about finding a new place to live or grow your business? Then be sure to check out Dominica citizenship benefits. This country has long had a program that allows you to get citizenship in exchange for investment. Many people think that the island state is only the sea and a beautiful climate. But in reality, holders of a local passport receive many more benefits.

As the expert of the company Immigrant Invest Victoria Atanasova notes, citizenship in Dominica  has a lot of obvious advantages:

This country is interested in attracting new investors. That is why they are given ample opportunities. Moreover, having received a document for the investments made, very soon it will be possible to pass the registration of the full passport. It is allowed to apply for it in 3-4 months.

The main advantages of Dominican citizenship

Since the procedure for obtaining citizenship for investment  takes a long time, all operations in it are well thought out. There is no need to spend a lot of time on the paperwork. The requirements for potential participants are not high:

  1. Age. The main applicant must be of legal age. He can also take family members with him.
  2. Need to make a contribution. The amount depends on what exactly the investor is buying.
  3. It is necessary to provide documents that will prove that the assets were obtained legally.

There are no complicated requirements, the vast majority of applications are processed. Immediately after that it will be possible to assess the advantage of Dominican citizenship. For example, full residency status is granted. It includes the right to work. The country is great for doing business in a variety of areas: from tourism to IT. The state is interested in the development of private initiative, so investors are offered very favorable conditions.

Also do not forget that life in the country – a certain lifestyle. Those who appreciate good weather, quality service and relaxation will surely want to stay here longer. You can also make sure that the country is suitable not only for recreation, but also for permanent residence. It has everything you need for both children and adults, from quality education to access to medicine.

Apply and advantage  Dominican passport will be available

When you become a citizen of this state, you join the global community. Among the documents you can not only stay in the country permanently, but also travel without a visa. This is feasible at once in 140 countries, including:

Discover the whole world and forget about visas and other barriers to travel. With this country’s passport, your mobility will be taken to a whole new level.

Among the other advantages are:

  1. Low taxation. This also applies to foreign investment. That is why Dominica will be the best place for the development of your business.
  2. No wealth tax. This will be important, including for the next generations. They will not have to face overpayments.
  3. The possibility of having several countries’ passports at once. No need to give up your primary citizenship.
  4. Stable political regime. Advantage of Dominican passport that there are virtually no crises, global cataclysms, and political persecution. If you are confused by the tense situation at home, the constant pressure, moving to this country can be called a rational decision.
  5. Excellent climate. The weather in the country is almost always warm. Therefore, those who appreciate the relaxation will definitely want to stay here more.
  6. The possibility in the future without problems to issue all the documents for the members of his family. Benefits of a Dominican passport is that your children and other relatives will also be able to appreciate the full list of benefits of staying here.
  7. Safety and security. Police and other law enforcement agencies are working clearly and smoothly. In this country investor feels 100% safe.

So, in order to appreciate Dominica passport benefits, it is enough to take part in the program, which operates in this country. Thanks to this, very soon you will be able to travel around the world or do your business in a warm and comfortable environment. All this will become a reality for you in just a few months.

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