Web Designing for Beginners: A Comprehensive Web Designing Guide

If you run a company or are a blogger or want to provide information to users then you almost definitely need a website.

But, how does a website appear?

Due to the high level of competition in this digital world, you must have a website that is both innovative and appealing in order to attract users and potential customers.

Here the question is, how are you going to build a website?

Therefore, you must understand how a website is built in order to do so.

In this blog, I will cover up some important tips to design a website and these are as follows:

Make a structure of your desired website

Take a pen or pencil and start designing your website on paper.

In the early stages of a project, a pen and paper approach is common because it offers a fresh and concentrated perspective.

Sketching out your designs on paper will really help you come up with a good concept.

So, grab a pencil & a piece of paper and start writing your thoughts down on paper.

This is a crucial step in this process where you can map out the layout of your site using only squiggles, sketches, and inspired ideas.

Choose simple fonts and not more than 3 different fonts

The more fonts you used on a page, the more jumbled it will appear.

Make a point of using a different font for your headers and content.

Your website would be more transparent and understandable if you use typographic styles to distinguish between different types of content.

Keep it simple

The best web design goes unnoticed as it is the only bad design that draws attention to itself.

You don’t need to do much else if you can have an excellent typeface that is interesting to read.

Attempting to overdesign the site would just complicate it and make it more difficult to navigate.

Maintaining a simple design makes it simple to keep the website updated, allowing you to keep the content fresh.

Make it mobile responsive

In this digital world where the majority of people choose to access online content on their phones rather than on their computers, it is best to concentrate on the site’s mobile layout during the initial sketching and planning process on paper as discussed earlier.

The usability of your website on mobile devices relates to how good it looks at various small screens. Your visitors would not have a good experience using your website if it is not responsive on mobile devices or if the images appear in the incorrect locations.

Give the best user experience

A website is more than just a bunch of text and images floating everywhere on the website.

The colour scheme, content, typography, style, and imagery all work together to serve and attract your audience.

Understanding the audience is the aim of the user experience.

What are they looking for, and how can your website design make it easy for them to find it is more important.

Getting into the minds of your audience and seeing your concept through their eyes is what user experience is all about.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A site is of no use if it does not appear on the top of the search engine results page.

For this, you must optimize your website for various search engines.

Search Engine Optimization allows you to improve the ranking of your website on the internet.

Users will be able to see products or information available on your website as soon as they type in the keywords.

The chance of your website receiving more clicks increases as its ranking improves.

It is crucial that you increase website traffic because the people who visit your site may become your potential customers.

Get inspired all the time

Designing an appealing website takes a lot of time and patience, and you can become bored at some point, which can negatively affect website design.

So, it is necessary that you get inspiration from time to time.

You can get inspiration from various designers or designing websites which are as follows:

Check out the Web Designing Agencies Portfolio & Work

One of the easiest and quickest way to learn website designing is to observe & learn web designing agencies work. Check how they are approaching their work, what details they are observing, it will not only help you in web designing but also improves your observation power. 


Since a website is the first experience that draws visitors to your website, the design of your home page is crucial.

A good web design can leave a positive and enduring impression on the user.

It is always a good idea to have a clean and simple home page so that your visitors do not leave the website when they come.

Other factors to consider include image sizes and compression, navigation, user and search engine friendliness, colours, and overall design.

Since it requires website designing to be compatible with a number of devices, responsive design is most important.

SEO activities are changing in response to ongoing technological advances and an increase in online visitors.

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