What Is Distemper Colour And Its Benefits

Distemper colour paint has been doing the rounds for a while in the contemporary age. But did you know that they are an age-old name in the paint industry? In fact, it has been in existence since ancient times. But the question is, what is so special about this paint that it is used widely even today? If you are also looking to understand the same, this article is yours to keep.

Amidst other decorative paints, Distemper paint is well-regarded. Even today, it plays a significant role in the paint industry. But a lot of people do not know how to use Distemper paint and whether it can be used for outside house paint. Let us learn about them now.

What Is Distemper Paint?

A form of whitewash that is made using pigment, water, and chalk is what Distemper paint is all about. Generally, an animal-based egg is used to bind the paint. In fact, they can work very well for homes that want to create wall art. It is inexpensive and works wonders for many homes.

Since Distemper paint is not waterproof, it is safer for interior wall painting. However, if it is used in a region where there is little to no rainfall, one can choose to use it as a potential outside house paint as well. The best part about this type of paint is that it offers good coverage without using too many coats. Apart from that, this paint also dries very fast and provides a clean surface to work on.

Distemper Paint – Cement Paint

Did you know that Distemper paint is also well-known as cement paint in many parts of the world? It is especially famous in Asia, though. Generally, there are two types of Distemper paint to get your hands on-

Acrylic paint and Synthetic paint. Both paints provide exceptional durability and glaze that can make your Distemper colour outshine all else. However, Acrylic wall paint is more useful as it provides a liquid-based finish that is smooth. It also offers a glossy texture to your beautiful home walls.

This type of paint is also available in a versatile range of colours. So, make sure you choose from them wisely before you point your fingers at one. Remember to go out of the box and choose a colour that will make your home look like an ace of all.

Choose Your Distemper Paint Now!

Distemper paints are beautiful, glossy, and reliable. Whether you are painting your interiors by yourself or you have hired your interior painters for this task, Distemper paint makes it easier to get a quick home renovation.

So, instead of waiting around for your wall paint to dry up so that you can use another coat of colour on them, go for Distemper paints. They dry quickly, so they are less likely to make you undergo a lot of hassle. Choose from your range of favorite Distemper paint options and aim for a home that captivates all eyes. It will do all the talking.

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