What Skills One Needs to Master in Order to Become an Author?

Are you aiming to be the next Rudyard Kipling, Edgar Alan Poe, or Enid Blyton? Maybe that’s a wrong question, to begin with, as everyone is unique; but, do you want to become an accomplished author?  If so, then you need to polish your writing or incorporate certain elements, so that the readers will be intrigued to read your content.

I agree that the task is challenging. But, you shouldn’t be in a cold sweat. All you have to do is stick to certain pointers that will guide you in your pursuit of achieving glory through creative writing.  If you happen to write an essay on “The Tips to Become a Successful Author”, you will get optimum homework help form the points mentioned below.

You should:

1. Hone Your Communication Skill

If you wish to pen down an impressive storybook, novel, or article, it is imperative that you develop the habit of storytelling. And, you can only enhance your communication skill when you interact with people, visit different places, and gather experience. Every experience matters and you must note down every little detail in a notebook, so that you aren’t at a loss of words while writing.

Moreover, you should be able to present a clear picture of the scenario, so that the readers feel that they are watching a motion film. Connectivity with the audience is of the utmost essence. If you are truly able to convey your emotions through your writing, only then you will gain recognition.

2. Work On Your Power of Observation

Next, what you must work on is the attention to detail. For instance, you are describing a character; you must provide a rough sketch on how he or she looks like, the upbringing, etc. Moreover, you can describe the struggle she or he had to endure, his or her livelihood. You can elaborate on their feelings at a particular moment. Thus, you have to harbor the skills of a psychologist, researcher, and an observer.

Similarly, when you describe a scene, provide context. Shed light on the venue, the timing, the people present in that instant. Try to build suspense, tension through your writing. This is where observational skills play a pivotal role. You have to study people, and dig into their inner thoughts and emotional quirks. Listen and watch what people are talking about, their grievances, or their outlook on life, etc.

3. Master Reasoning and Problem Solving

Not all write-ups are about narration. In some articles, you have to play the role of an analyzer. And, you have to come up with interesting ideas so as to draw the attention of the readers. For instance, if you are writing on Cognitive Cloud Computing, you can talk about SparkCognition, Microsoft Cognitive Services, IBM Watson, etc.  You can discuss the evolution, the current use of technology, and the future scope of developments. Furthermore, you can include statistics to prove the legitimacy of your content.

As you can imagine, research work is crucial. You must scour through resources like journals, blog posts, websites, etc. to acquire the necessary information. In addition to this, the reasoning is also required while analyzing a character and justifying his conduct in a particular situation. Thus, you need to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the character.

4. Improve Your Grammar Knowledge

This advice is not only for the beginners, but also for the seasoned writers. You need to focus on your grammar, and pay special attention to the subject-verb agreement, tenses. You should also revise the eight parts of speech, and work on adjectives, prepositions, etc. Go through online study materials, and just keep at it. With time, your effort will pay off.

Furthermore, you should concentrate on your sentences. Each sentence should be succinct and articulate. If you employ long sentences, the readers will lose interest quickly. In addition to this, you have to be very careful with the diction, and also with the use of transition words like “consequently”, “nevertheless”. Your write-up should be such that the readers don’t feel as if they have hit a bump. It should smooth, as if one is gliding from one paragraph to the next.

5. Find Your Voice

When you go through several write-ups, you will observe that each writer has a unique way of expressing their thoughts. For instance, if you read The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, you get a glimpse of satire writing. On the other hand, William Shakespeare was famous for providing depth to the characters and their development throughout the story.

Thus, you need to explore your niche and study relevant books to find your sweet spot. Make use of the literary devices like alliteration, personification, dichotomy, etc. to share your opinion. And, do not be afraid of being criticized. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your personal satisfaction. You must remember that you are up against more than 45.2 thousand writers in the United States alone. So, if you don’t experiment with your writing, you will never be able to explore your potential.

6. Read Published Materials

This tip is especially effective for the students. It has often been observed that they wonder, “Who can do my homework?” Well, if you intend to become an acclaimed writer, you must take it as a challenge and try to resolve your issues yourself. If you are unable to write, you must go through several published materials. Read newspapers, magazines or watch National Geographic, History Channel, BBC News, interviews of eminent personalities.

Only when you start taking initiatives, you will be able to grow. You will gather ideas, enrich your knowledge, and even pick interesting words. If you maintain this habit, you won’t face writer’s block. Immerse yourself in books, listen to English podcasts, and watch art films to enhance your writing prowess.

Apart from the tips suggested above, you must practice writing. Unless you write, you will never be able to understand your shortcomings. If you face any issues, you must sit down, analyze it calmly, and implement the necessary steps to get past the problem. And if you need the help of any professional advisors, do not hesitate in conveying your concern to them.

What you must realize that there is no end to improving yourself. So, you need to have faith in your abilities and work hard. Keep on reading books, and write as much as you can. One day, you will be penning down your own success story in your autobiography.

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