Why NAP Consistency Is So Important for SEO

Business management is often more about staying relevant and gaining influence more than it is actually about improving products and services. Even a company with barely passable products can still make a significant impact if the digital marketing strategy is efficient and consistent — with consistency being the most crucial part of any strategy. Staying consistent is pretty much what will help a business with search engine optimization (SEO) and help the algorithms take note of the company. With enough consistency and a willingness to get the job done, even a budding business can compete with industry giants for the attention of their target audience, especially with the best SEO companies in Houston.

Without a doubt, an understanding of the tactics used in marketing will help any business owner get ahead, as there can never be enough knowledge when it comes to keeping up with business trends. It would be best to absorb all of the online marketing terminologies like a sponge, as a business can make use of search engine optimization without necessarily making use of professionals to get the job done. Yet, it pays to note that outsourcing SEO is ideal as it allows company owners to focus on other aspects.

In the case of understanding the various online marketing terminologies and tactics that go into SEO, content marketing, and geo-targeting, as well as link-building and keywords, are some of the most crucial things to consider. There is also the acronym NAP, something that many startups tend to neglect — which is a shame, as NAP consistency is a priority for some of the best SEO companies in the industry.

What exactly is NAP?

NAP stands for name, address, and phone number, which are crucial elements of any digital marketing strategy. After all, one of the primary means of optimization to get better results in the search ranking involves using as many citations as possible, which spreads the NAP of any business far and wide. It seems like an obvious piece of the puzzle, but it is often so commonplace that many companies end up neglecting its potential with regards to maintaining a solid digital marketing campaign.

NAP is essential information that realizes its full potential when it is spread all across the Internet for online visitors — and the Google algorithm — to find. In many ways, it is as crucial as link-building and content marketing, as it helps spread the word and improve the odds of a company appearing in Google search results.

Why do the best SEO companies in Houston prioritize NAP?

The learning algorithm of the most popular search engine on the planet is too complicated to fully explain. That said, there are enough patterns for certain businesses to take advantage of the results. Put simply, the algorithm will connect a company to various factors, including the NAP, which is why such citations are crucial to digital marketing success. When the algorithm finds various sources that include the NAP of a particular business, it places a greater emphasis on the primary website when it comes to placing it on the search results. With enough efficiency and consistency, the algorithm might rank the website much higher than most people might expect.

The trouble with neglecting NAP and various citations is that the opposite can occur. If the algorithm finds similar citations only to see that the address and phone number are different, it will cause the algorithm to rank the company lower as there is not enough overall consistency. After all, it can be challenging to trust a company with various citations but different bits of information in each one.

Getting the algorithm to trust the company

There are various ways the best SEO companies in Houston can help the search algorithm better trust their client. One way is to ensure that all the links lead to quality websites that provide accurate and relevant information based on the link. Known as a white hat method, it involves the SEO agency earning the trust of online shoppers by ensuring all the links are relevant. Black hat methods would involve using thousands of links, with very few linking to relevant content. While black hat methods can still provide results, the popularity will never last long as it was not earned.

In the case of NAP, the best way to get the algorithm to trust the information would be to ensure that all citations are updated in the event of a name, address, or phone number change. The phone number is typically the one most subject to change, which is why it is never a bad idea to have a master list of all the current citations to ensure that they are edited the moment something changes. Neglecting to take chances to NAP will result in a lower return on investment (ROI).

Consistency is the most important piece of the puzzle

No matter the scenario or the size of the business, remaining consistent with the marketing strategy effectively ensures the most satisfactory results. For example, not taking the time to update quality links could result in dead landing pages, which can cause problems for any online user looking for more information that might encourage them to avail of a company’s products and services.

The idea that the job is done the moment the links are acquired will quickly backfire, as businesses still have to stay up to date with their links and landing pages. The same thing goes for NAP, as even the slightest update will have to reflect on all the citations. All it can take is a single citation that provides inaccurate information for the algorithm to lower a company’s standing.

For the best SEO companies in Houston, it is not enough to place quality links for content marketing purposes. It is not enough to get the job done right but to continue updating the digital marketing strategy, as a company will only keep its ranking if it is consistent. Otherwise, there will be plenty of different issues down the line.

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