Why QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Hosting is a Great Solution for Accountants?

QuickBooks accounting tool is popular among SMBs & entrepreneurs looking for smart financial solutions. Enterprises & businesses like to have a desktop solution efficient for use among employees. If you search for accounting software for the business, then you’ll be confronted with multiple options. Are you unable to keep track of the transactions in your business? The right type of accounting will provide you the strength to manage all the financial records effortlessly.

QuickBooks has the best ratings among CPAs & professionals to manage the accounts the right way. But the selection of the right version of the tool will be a crucial job. Consult with the professionals to get the right idea of the functionalities of the tool & the ones you need for smoother operations.

QuickBooks accountant desktop hosting is the best solution meant for managing finances rightly. It is important to know about the functionality and versatility of the QuickBooks tool before hosting it the right way. This guest post will highlight details of QuickBooks accounting desktop hosting features & benefits in detail.

Salient Features of QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Tool

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop is the best tool to improve the accounting process in a business. It has multiple features that are meant to benefit the overall business. Often the right kind of financial management leads to the upward trajectory of a company & they can understand the flaws in the system. Keep the firm organized by assigning the lead accountant to have all important documents in one place.

 Here are the top features of QuickBooks Accountant Desktop –

Automated Bank Feeds & Transactions

Save time on manual data entry with the help of automated bank feeds. The feature is meant for efficiency in the process. Utilize the saved time on more persistent things required for businesses. It is easy to upload the transactions and statements to the client’s file on the server. It also means proper access to the client’s data when needed.

It is time-consuming to sort through transactions & the system automatically sorts things for the business. The system also recognizes the recurring items while tracking the bills and reconciling the transactions.

Month-End Review

It is the feature available with the QuickBooks Accountant Desktop tool and makes the month-end review of the transactions simple. Make your task of reviewing the transactions effortless with the available feature. The tool is scanning through all the transactions that occurred over the month and then lists out issues where data is missing. It also provides the itemized list of month-end tasks to get detailed reports on it.

QuickBooks accountant is the tool to get highlights of the issues with uncategorized transactions & without payees and more in one place. Close the client books easily at the month-end with help of the QuickBooks Accountant Desktop version.

Assign Lead Accountant

Businesses can assign lead accountants to different team members for different clients. The lead accountants are acting as the primary contact for clients & thus help to manage the books rightly. Assign a specific task to the team member & also invite clients in the firm directly with the help of the feature. Establish the right kind of responsibility to the team members & keep the work organized.

Assigning a lead accountant feature is beneficial for enterprises, looking to manage multiple clients by appointing a lead for each project. Make sure that the tasks are assigned to the right persons and thus manage the flow of work efficiently by assigning work to respective heads.

Workpapers Built-In

There is no requirement of transferring files between different tools for the completion of a compilation engagement. With workpapers built-in, the client’s data is already available in the tool to be one click away from the year-end workflow. Without leaving the QuickBooks Accountant tool, businesses can make the required adjustments, add notes, mappings, & create financial statements. It is meant for doing all the transaction-related work on one platform.


The creation of the right kind of reports will help businesses take the right decision on finances. If you’re needed to send reports to clients, then it is the feature to refer for help. There are multiple formats for the creation of the right type of report and add some colour to the reports with effective themes. Developing the overall report on business accounts for addressing the top concerns related to transactions or financial expenses.

Benefits of QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Hosting

Businesses are moving slowly towards the adoption of the right kind of financial tool for getting profits. QuickBooks desktop hosting is offering complete end-to-end solutions for accountants or CPAs doing financial calculations in different industries. There are multiple benefits of the software and businesses will be able to achieve newer heights with the right kind of tool.

Multi-Device Access

Desktops & laptops are the best instruments in today’s digital era and it is meant to manage the business in the right order. The tool ensures easy collaboration across all devices used on a regular basis. Users like to use the required tool when they need it and thus the preference for mobile accounting is increasing.

The QuickBooks Accounting Desktop is the software with flexible accounting benefits when you desire. Businesses get the freedom to use the tool from all devices on a real-time basis.

Global Access

It becomes hard to be physically present in offices at all times & thus came the concept of remote access. It is also not possible to address each client on the desktop version of QuickBooks Accountant. CPAs & professionals can access the QuickBooks account with help of QuickBooks Accountant desktop hosting. You need only an active internet connection to access the account globally.

Data Security

The security of your business data is in the right hands with QuickBooks accountant desktop hosting. The hosting provider is taking all the required actions to assure enterprise-level data security. Data is stored in secured data centres across different locations for safe access. The team of IT experts can monitor the data & all the unusual activities are thoroughly scanned.

Relevant security measures are put in place to prevent any kind of breach in business data & thus ensure the overall security. It includes physical data security, detection of automatic intrusion, firewalls, and more. Businesses can focus on their & let the experts take care of the data security concerns.

Automatic Updates

The QuickBooks Accountant Desktop tool is getting automatically updated for business use. It is a tedious task for CPAs & professionals to get the software updated regularly & thus it is better to rely on hosting providers for the updates. They deploy the updates during non-working hours and ensure that their work is not impacted to any degree. The details are initiated to the clients early for easy management of the work.

Role-Based Access

At times, you need multiple accountants on a simple project. It means each person should have access to required documents for their work and no need to restrict the data visible to users. The hosting provider is offering role-based access to the experts and they can handle the taxes of a client in the budget planning documents.

Final Thought!

The cloud-based QuickBooks Accounting desktop is the best tool offered by CPAs & accountants. Businesses can host it in their office systems and also the supporting devices. The above-mentioned points might have given you an idea of the most important features of the QuickBooks Accountant tool. Select the right kind of hosting provider who is able to provide the right kind of services at an affordable cost. Take your business profits higher with help of managing transactions within the system & keeping a keen eye on business finances.

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