Writing College Level Essays: an Easy Hack!

When freshmen start college, one of the more difficult tasks they will be faced with is writing college level essays.

This won’t just apply to an English course, but depending on the department you are in, you will also have to write some long-from assignments for other courses.

Unfortunately for you, your professors will assume that you already have learned how to write a good essay in high school.

If you really want to be good at writing a grade A essay or assignment for your college courses, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will give some easy hacks for papers writing help:

Contrary to what you may think, using fancy vocabulary will not earn you extra points for your essay.

What you should be doing, is getting to the point.

Yes, it is fine to use a big word here and there, but what the reader cares about more is how quickly you can get to the point while also making a good argument.

That is what your focus should be.

You need good and quality sources.

Skip all the Google research, and go straight to your college database. Your college will have subscriptions to lots of databases from around the world that are packed with academic and scholarly articles.

These sources will be great for backing your arguments, and chances are only you will have made the effort to find them.

Once you have some good sources on your hand, you will figure out how to place it in your essay and they are mostly used in the body paragraph before or after an argument.

In college, you will need to be really careful of the format you are writing in.

Academic essays and papers follow a certain structure, and your professor will let you know about it.

In case you missed the lecture, ask them or email them so you don’t lose points in something as simple as the format.

The format you will write in will affect the way you cite your sources, structure of the essay itself, etc.

Yes, cramming will get the job done but you will not have done the job properly this way.

You won’t learn how to write a college-level essay, and your professors will see that you put the bare minimum.

Put in some effort with writing the essay, we promise, it will yield results in the form of a good grade.

You don’t have to spend hours and days writing the essay. A week before the deadline if you put in an hour every day, you should have the work done. 

Show your professor you are eager to learn how to write properly.

You can do this by showing them drafts of your work and ask them for feedback.

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