You Can Level Up Your Company and Give Back Simultaneously:” Property Mogul Matt Kirkegaard’s Recipe for Success

Matt Kirkegaard, Founder of Movement Property Group, a luxury-focused property company based out of Nashville, has a lot going for him.

On top of being a real estate mogul, regarded as one of the top one hundred realtors in Tennessee, he is also a musician, philanthropist, and a specialist in Nashville’s culture, including a deep knowledge of the county’s rich seam of bars, restaurants, and musical history.

After moving to Nashville in 2007 to chase his ambitions of becoming a musician, Kirkegaard spent 18 months broke and had resorted to living in his car. He never gave up on his dreams though, and soon he added ‘luxury property group founder’ to his goals as he segued into real estate.

Man About Town

Kirkegaard was determined to develop his business in Tennessee. He built a life there because he was passionate about his new home and its unique arts and music scene. He quickly became a regular face around town as he discovered new bands and places to eat and drink.

But the founder is not just an avid consumer of Nashville’s thriving social scene. He has also become deeply involved in supporting up-and-coming performers and new businesses. Something that he sees as being integral to his profession.

“As realtors, I think it’s important to intentionally support the community you are serving by not only getting the right people into homes but by supporting the businesses, bars, cafes, and restaurants that add to the culture of the city!” said Kirkegaard.

It makes sense; if you are selling people or families’ homes in a given location, it is only natural to promote and support the area’s community. After all, anywhere with a healthy and vibrant local culture will be more attractive to potential homeowners.

Build the Community and Grow Your Business

To help drive his passion for giving back to the place that allowed him to create and build his multi-million dollar business, Kirkegaard set up The LiftUp Initiative.

It works like this: by donating a portion of each commission that Movement Property Group makes on every property sale, The LiftUp Initiative guarantees the community has regular cash injections and ensures new arrivals have a stake in the fortunes of their new home county and its residents.

“As part of the program, 10% of net profits go directly to the fund and are used to provide rent relief and mortgage payment assistance for families and individuals who have been affected by unfortunate circumstances out of their control,” explained Kirkegaard further.

“When you work with us, it’s more than just a real estate transaction. You’re a part of building up the community and neighborhood you call home.”

But purchasing a new property through Movement Property Group is not the only way to contribute to The LiftUp Initiative. Local Nashville residents can select individual cases for support through a nomination process that awards funds to people struggling to make mortgage repayments, cover bills, or face other financial hardships.

Game-Changing Team-Building

Taking part in The LiftUp Initiative has also benefited Kirkegaard’s employees unexpectedly. “Introducing The LiftUp program was a game-changer for my team. It made us closer, and doing good together is a true bonding experience. In turn, this raises team morale and inspires us to do our best because we know it is for ourselves and others,” he said.

Eager to address that 10% of all commissions does impact the bottom line of his company’s accounts, Kirkegaard pointed out that you can help your community and run a very profitable business at the same time.

“By giving back to the community you operate in, you will become an integral and valued organization in a place that positively wants you to succeed,” said Kirkegaard. “You can level up your company and give back simultaneously. I know it for a fact because I’ve done it,” he said.

With Kirkegaard’s wise advice and exemplary success, he is a property expert to follow.

About Matt Kirkegaard and Movement Property Group

Movement Property Group (Keller Williams), created by musician and real estate agent Matt Kirkegaard, specializes in luxury and affordable housing throughout most of Tennessee, including East and West Nashville, where the company is headquartered. Kirkegaard is accompanied by Ruben Juarez and Aaron Ammon at Movement Property Group. Kirkegaard and Co. strive to make the homebuying and homeselling processes as efficient and effortless as possible. For more information and to see Movement Property Group’s impressive real estate inventory, please visit

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