11 Must-Know Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Company

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, sanitation has been on everyone’s minds. Whether neat freaks or slobs before the pandemic, cleanliness took on new importance for anyone worried about the virus. Some went so far as to try disinfecting their bodies using household cleaning products—for the record, spraying yourself with bleach isn’t effective.

Most people were more practical about introducing new sanitary habits into their lives. Now that society is adjusting to the pandemic, hiring a cleaning company is a good way to stay on top of important health measures.

But wait, you’re a fully grown adult—You know how to clean for yourself! Why use a cleaning company?

You and those around you might have a general knowledge of how to keep things sanitary, and many practices are easy to maintain on your own. Still, there are a variety of unparalleled cleaning company benefits that you may not have considered.

Check out this handy list of 11 great reasons to use cleaning companies in your workplace or at home.

1. A Cleaning Company Saves Money

Using a cleaning company in the office saves money. Yes, this is true although a cleaning company could be new to the payroll!

With a dedicated group of people to do your cleaning, you and your staff or coworkers won’t ever need to stop working to tidy up. Professional cleaners know how to do the job right in the least amount of time. That means you get the best cleaning for your dollar, unlike when your own company does an amateur job.

Taking time cleaning won’t be an excuse for slow or incomplete work any longer. A cleaning company helps your workplace be more efficient. Your organization won’t waste money paying people for doing anything other than their intended jobs.

2. Brighten Everyone’s Mood

Studies prove that living and working in clean environments make happier people. Cold and wet winter weather is setting in over much of the Northern Hemisphere, leading to rising cases of the winter blues.

Even if you don’t live somewhere cold and wet, doom and gloom aren’t in short supply. We need every ounce of happiness we can get, and hiring professional cleaners helps.

3. Be Sure Mold Is Gone for Good

Another reason that the cold and wet leads to the blues is because of mold. Moisture from wet clothes and lowered ventilation due to closed windows make the perfect atmosphere for mold to grow.

What’s even worse is that mold is hard to get rid of. If you’ve ever battled mold, you know how frustrating it is to find that it comes back time after time.

Professional cleaners, on the other hand, know the best ways to beat mold and mildew. If you hire a company to clean out the mold, you can rest assured that they’ll end the issue. In fact, they have to if you hire them on a contract basis—that’s the ultimate guarantee.

4. End Nagging Coronavirus Fears

For the most health-conscious and high-risk people, sharing space with others is frightening due to COVID-19. Most everybody’s upped personal hygiene, but it’s hard to be sure that you’ve cleaned every surface.

Cleaning companies, on the other hand, train to do full disinfectant protocols in accordance with CDC guidelines. With scheduled professional cleaning, you can be sure your home’s or workspace’s surfaces are free of viral particles.

When cleaning surfaces to fight coronavirus, another fear is that you might catch the virus by doing the job.

If you’re worried about the pros facing the same risk, don’t worry. Professional cleaners know all about the best protection from COVID-19. Some go so far as to use hazmat suits for total protection…and most people don’t have those in their closets!

5. Support Minority-Owned Businesses

Another reason to hire a cleaning service is that it’s a great way to support minority-owned businesses. Finding high-quality professional office cleaning services owned by minority groups that are all too often overlooked is easy.

On the other hand, some of the largest cleaning companies and housekeeping services owned by privileged groups hire and underpay immigrants all the time. Supporting cleaning companies owned and run by minorities guarantees that groups all too often taken advantage of getting the pay they deserve.

You’ll find a large number of professional cleaners advertise their businesses as minority-owned. So, hiring a minority-owned cleaning company is the right thing to do but doesn’t have you dig through business after business looking for one to support.

6. Green Cleaning, Guaranteed

As the world realizes the present environmental crisis, we’re also cleaning more than ever. It’s worth taking note of those trends together because far too many popular cleaning chemicals are harmful to the environment.

It’s hard for the average consumer to navigate the wide range of products and figure out what’s “green” and what isn’t. Chances are slim that you know a wide range of eco-friendly cleaning practices or have the expensive materials, like large steam cleaners, to do the job yourself.

There’s no hiding that one tradeoff of using environmental products is that using them sometimes takes more time and elbow grease to get the job done, compared to powerful but polluting products. That’s all the more reason to hire someone else to do the work, so you can focus on your job or tasks around the house.

7. Avoid Toxic and Irritating Cleaning Chemicals

On a similar note, it’s hard to know what chemicals are the least irritating to the majority of people. Brands make a lot of claims, but you don’t know if they’re true until you try. The unfortunate part is that trying once could irritate someone’s asthma, allergies, or other conditions.

Commercial cleaning companies are used to cleaning in public spaces, where they have to be considerate of everyone’s needs. They’ve navigated the range of products, know what’s best more than you do, and use the right stuff on the first try.

It’s also hard for the average person to know what the best cleaning products to use around pets and kids are. Cleaning companies can’t afford not to know because harming customers’ children and pets could end their business ventures. Hiring professional cleaners helps keep your children and pets safe.

8. Never Worry About Stubborn Stains

Anyone who’s ever done laundry knows how hard it is to get some stains out. You’ve probably spent hours poring over search engine results when trying to get stubborn marks off of clothes and out of your carpets and furniture.

If you’re a business owner, you have more important things to do than spending all of that time on stain removal. Cleaning companies know the fastest and easiest tricks for stubborn stains and get the job done with no problem.

9. Stay Productive During Cold and Flu Season

Having a cold is a good excuse to stay home—even more so than usual, these days—but that doesn’t mean you’ll get anything done around the house. On the contrary, catching a cold, flu, or COVID-19 often results in trash and dust piling up. When you’re sick and have no energy to clean, having a professional cleaning company at home is a huge relief.

Using cleaning services at the office prevents interruptions in maintenance due to bugs going around, too. If you or your coworkers get sick, you can focus on resting up and getting better instead of worrying about a mess.

10. Stop Fights and Grudges in Their Tracks

How often have you resented someone over a mess? Chances are, you’ve felt that way more times than you can count.

You know this frustration whether considering your significant other, kids, friends, or coworkers. There’s no sense in prolonging hard feelings over tidiness. Hiring a cleaning company stops those fights and grudges before they start.

11. Give Clients and Guests the Right First Impression

It’s no secret that a tidy workplace or home makes the best impression on visitors.

On the workplace front, clients are impressed by spotless business places, inclining them to use your services. If you leave cleaning up to you and your staff, you never know whether everything will be cleaned to the highest standards.

Even if you’re excellent cleaners most of the time, a busy week and not-so-good days could lead to messiness building up now and then. All it takes to lose a client is one visit at a bad time. Business is slow for a lot of companies since the pandemic started, so you can’t afford that.

At home, cleaning is no less valuable. With several major winter holidays coming up, a well-cleaned house can help avoid arguments with your in-laws. You can spend time you’d otherwise spend cleaning with your family and friends.

In more average times, a sparkling clean home is a good way to impress a date, new friend, or even something like a book club the first time you have them over.

You’re Guaranteed All the Best Advice

Now that you know why you should hire a cleaning company, you can improve the indoor environment around you. This is more important than ever during a pandemic and if you’re facing a cold, wet winter.

If you want more smart ideas like these to help you make the most of your life, you’re in the right place. Take a look around the site for more easy tips and life hacks.

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