A Comprehencive Guide for Selecting the Best Headphone in 2020

If you want to buy a better quality headphone at a reasonable price and with good sound quality, then this article is perfect for you

Because through this article, today we are going to discuss such tips with which you can easily buy headphones of better quality.

You know that in today’s time, different kinds of headphones have come into the market, due to which it is difficult to identify which are good and which are wrong products.

Therefore, before purchasing a headphone, you need to research headphones technology. But you do not have to worry because you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to discuss a comprehensive guide for selecting the best headphone in India in 2020.

Trust me; if you once read this headphone buying guide before buying a headphone/earphone, you will surely be able to find an excellent headset with superior sound quality. 

Before going to select a headphone, you need to consider many essential things such as price, type, sound quality, warranty, etc., 

So let’s go without any time waste to discussthe tips that you need to check before buying earphones.


 Price is the principal factor of a headphone that determines the headphone’s performance quality or build quality. If you don’t have enough money to buy a high-cost headphone, you make a little money and get a good quality headphone Buy.

If you want to buy a headphone with a budget price instead of a high budget, then have a look at the list of Best headphones under Rs 1500 in India in 2020. 

Besides, if you want to use the mouse for a long period without any problem, then you must choose a headphone at a reasonable price. 

Types of Headphone

At this time there are many types of headphones available in the market, in this post, we will not discuss all those types of headsets, rather we will talk about the headphones that are being used most of the time today. 

On-ear Headphone

It is very popular in today’s time; you can take it anywhere comfortably without any premises, as well as it can be used comfortably for a long time.

The earcups of on-ear headphones are small, due to which it fits perfectly in the ears. Besides, the on-ear headphones come with a lightweight and robust design.

Advantage of On-ear headphone

The disadvantage of On-ear headphone

Over-Ear Headphone

These types of headphones are not used much in today’s time, because these types of headphones are big and heavy, due to which it not much liked, everyone, wants to use lightweight headphones today.

The sound quality of over-ear headphones is very loud and tremendous compared to these in-ear headphones; the cost of such headphones is also very low.

Advantage of Over-ear headphone

The disadvantage of Over-ear headphone

In-ear Headphone

In-ear headphones are very popular compared to over-ear headphones and on-ear headphones. These headphones are light and small due to which you can use it comfortably for a long time.

These headphones are being used more in today’s times, as earphones are cheaper than the ear and cheaper than earphones.

Advantage of in-ear Headphone

The disadvantage of in-ear headphone

The sound quality of in-ear earphones is slightly lower than that of over-ear and on-ear headphones.


If a renowned company manufactures the headphones, it will surely give you good performance compared to other local headphones, so it is better to go for a branded headphone.

 Because a reputed brand would not want to lose its popularity by giving inferior products to its customers, headphones’ build quality also depends on its manufacturer.

Today, there are many fraudulent headphone manufacturers in the market, so it can be difficult for you to identify which brand’s headphone is best or worst. But you do not need to worry, if you want to buy a good headphone, then look at the comprehensive list of best headphones under Rs 1500

It would be best for you to go for a headphone manufactured by brands like Mi, Zebronic, JBL, Philippe, and Realme because they are all popular headphones manufacturers today.


The warranty is the most important thing that you need to consider when selecting headphones. It would best for you if you picked headphones with more than six months’ warranty support.

 If there is long-term warranty support with the headphone, then you will be able to change it easily in the future if there is anything wrong with it.


Before selecting headphones, you need to check how many drivers fit in the headphone that you are going to choose. If the headphone is designed with more than 20 mm drivers, it can provide excellent sound output. 

Wired/ wireless

 Headphones usually come with two types of connectivity support, such as wired and wireless,  Due to which you can connect the headphones with your smartphone with wire or without wire.

If you buy wireless headphones instead of wired headphones, you may have to invest a little more money, so you must go with wireless headphones if you have the right amount. 

Cable type

 If you prefer to buy a wired headphone instead of a wireless headphone, check whether the headphone’s wire is tangle-free or not that you are going to select. If it equipped with a tangle-free wire, then it can be very beneficial for you.

We believe that you can indeed find an excellent type of headphone according to you after reading this article. Yet, you are having difficulty finding good quality headphones, then comment us through the comment section, and we will try to answer your queries as soon as possible.

Final words

We believe that you can indeed find an excellent type of headphone according to you after reading this article. Yet, you are having difficulty finding good quality headphones, then comment us through the comment section, and we will try to answer questioning as soon as possible. If you want to buy an in-ear earphone at an affordable price, then have look at the list of best earphones under Rs 300.

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