6 Awesome Ideas for Real Estate Marketing That You Should Not Ignore

You are on your way to the office. But guess what the situation is. You are stuck in traffic, irritable, and sweaty! Since there’s nothing productive to do at the moment, you start reading the newspaper in your hand while the other passengers are catching up some morning sleep.

You spot a boring billboard that promotes a certain real estate. You immediately start wondering your cursed such advertisements are. Then you have a look at another creative and information property billboard.

This time you are dumbstruck. Woah! Your slumber is all gone, and you are trying to get every bit of the text on the billboard. So, here lies the power of innovative and creative real estate marketing!

Of course, real estate marketing is a difficult nut to crack with abundant choices. It is very challenging for individuals in this field to come up with a distinct competitive benefit. Get started with these 6 creative and super-fresh real estate marketing ideas that you can gain inspiration from:

1. Get Set Go on the Social Media Platforms

The very first thing you need to ensure is setting yourself up for the different social media platforms. Ensure you have different accounts on social media channels like Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Interacting with users on these platforms and sharing good press can be a great way of promoting your real estate properties. Also, do not forget to add social sharing to all the property pages.

There are huge chances for home purchasers to share their favorite housing images with family and acquaintances. Hence, it works to make it easy for them to share and email different properties online simply by adding social sharing buttons.

2. Enhance Engagement with Q&A Stickers, Polls and Contests on Instagram Stories

User engagement is necessary. Therefore, it works to use Q&A stickers and polls within Instagram stories. Try using GIFs and even ask questions for making your content more engaging.

Remember, the more home shoppers engage with your properties on sale, the more they will have you in mind. It is not possible to engage shoppers or prospects without creating engaging content.

You even have the option of running giveaways and contests within Instagram stories. Mastering the right way to engage the audiences and luring them into coming back for more will offer you grand success every time you use Instagram marketing to upscale your real estate business.

3. Engage in Instagram, YouTube or Facebook Live Videos

Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube live videos showcasing the property you want to promote can work wonders. Of course, you might have touched on the strength of videos, but chances are it would have been a brief touch-up.

Live videos are highly powerful! Studies reveal that live videos made approximately 75% online traffic in the recent past. And it is being expected that this percentage shall make a big leap to 82% in the near future.

Facebook research puts down that 78% of the users watch live videos, and they spend 3 times more time doing so while commenting on the same. When it comes to highlighting properties, live streaming is in.

The users love the real-time feel and engagement of live videos. They help in showcasing more personal and lighter sides of the property brands. In this category, virtual tours can prove to be magical.

The best thing about live streaming is that it is easy. Since everything is live, you do not have to spend time editing your content, as is the case with pre-recorded videos. As with Instagram, live videos can be streamed right from the mobile phones of marketers. And yes, you have custom followers for the videos. What else do you want?

4. Going Digital Is Important but Not by Compromising on Personal Touch

Of course, marketing technologyhttps://www.techtreends.com/ and automation have made everything easy for real estate marketers, but this does not mean that you can completely forget about the basics. Yes, you got it right- it’s the personal touch that always works.

If you are getting the scope, get ahead, and provide direct assistance to the prospective property buyers. Visit clients in person if you can and chuck out different ways in which you can be of good help.

Since 2020 is the time of ad blockers being used by people on the internet, its time you get strong with your marketing techniques. Going the traditional way can be a bit challenging, and this is where building personal relations can make a difference.

5. Have Long-Term Investment in Mind

Experts suggest not selling early. Real estate deals are great investments because stock prices keep changing. There’s hardly anybody who would like to lose their golden goose. So, it helps to be patient. Planning ahead of time and putting in good thought into your plans will bring in good profits.

This is one real estate promotion technique that can be challenging for the marketers, but if it is done in the right way, there’s nothing that can stop you from maximizing your profits.

6. Embrace Emerging Technologies

When using content marketing in the real estate arena, you must always remain bent ongoing for the use of new and emerging technologies. There is a plethora of artificial intelligence, digital imaging, and computer-powered technologies taking the market by storm.

Use them as effective real estate marketing tools. Staying abreast of the latest advancements in technology will help you decide whether or not they work for you. The final decision on the use of these technologies; will, however, depend on your clientele.

It’s a Wrap

The most important aspect of real estate marketing is building one’s brand and ensuring it is consistent. Remember, the real estate industry is sales-driven. So, focus on the quick wins while working on long-term investments as well.

The catch does not lie in marketing but effective marketing. The research-based super-fresh ideas above will definitely help you sell million-dollar properties in the luxurious housing arena that has suddenly gone all cold.

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