Top 10 Best Real Estate Apps For Android In 2022

This article is about Real Estate Apps. For buyers, finding a home can be a lengthy process. While looking for a home, you may need to spend more money. Apps for real estate might help you save a lot of money. By using the best real estate apps, you can save money on other expenses. You may save brokerage fees, transportation costs, and save time by using the best real estate apps.

Top 10 Best Real Estate Apps For Android in 2022

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You can check-out our list of the best real estate apps before buying your ideal home or renting an apartment. The heeding are some of the advantages of real estate apps that we think you should test.

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The Advantages of the Best Real Estate Apps

• Avoid brokerage fees: You can contact vendors directly and avoid paying brokerage fees. These top real estate apps feature listings of homes for sale by their owners. To negotiate the property price, you can chat with the owners or call them.

• Saves time: You don’t have to go about looking for your dream home. You can download these apps & use them to find the house you want to buy. Before purchasing, the app allows you to pick a place near your location.

• Easily accessible: These top real estate apps are right at your fingertips. The app provides a diverse selection of houses based on buyer preferences. Real estate apps allow you to buy, rent, and sell houses, apartments, and villas.
Best Android Real Estate Apps


Assume you want to move to Colorado and are looking for a dependable app that will give you with the most up-to-date property information. REcolorado is the best real estate app for this purpose in that scenario. The app has a very user-friendly UI that makes searching a breeze. To search property in a specific area, enter the city, address, and zip code. All potential real estates that you can buy will be marked in the app, along with detailed information on each one, such as price, rooms, precise coordination, and so on. Also check security apps

The most noteworthy advantage of using REcolorado is that you can pinpoint the locations of the properties on a map, which will show you exactly where they are, and pick your favourites. Each property has extensive information such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the total space covered, the price per square foot, and the house’s age. You can also use the app to communicate with your agent about a specific property. Another useful feature of the programme, especially for sellers, is the ability to instantly obtain real-time and precise mark statistics, such as average pricing.

REcolorado QR-Code Registration

REcolorado, the developer

Price: To be determined

Highlights include:

• Identify the actual location of the property

• Communicate with your agent

• User-friendly interface

Trulia Real Estate

Trulia Real Estate is the best real estate app, with 30 million+ neighbourhood reviews and 34 million+ map overlays. You can take a photo or video tour of the area using drone footage. Trusted agents have listed over 1 million listings on the app.

You can browse for schools in the area that will be suitable for your children in addition to house data. You gain access to the property’s financial data, tax information, and history. The app is one of the best real estate apps since it provides extensive search customization options.

The app includes over 30 filters to help you identify properties that meet your requirements. If you want to buy an open house, the app will suggest some possibilities. The app has all of the components that will assist you in purchasing your ideal property at a reasonable price.


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Homes for Sale and Rent on Trulia

Trulia Developer: Trulia Price: Free

• Search customization tools

• Access to the property’s history

• Over a million real estate listings

The Homes For Sale

The Homes For Sale app allows you to search for homes, apartments, townhomes, and condominiums in the United States. The app offers high-resolution full-screen images so you can get a good sense of your future house. You can use the map search option to find a community near your desired house location.

Hundreds of authentic house options are available to you at your fingertips. The app includes a mortgage calculator that will assist you in determining the approximate value of your home. The software includes over 400,000 unique properties, including bank-owned properties. QR-Code Download Houses for Sale, Rent, and Real Estate is the developer.

Standout for no cost Features:

• 400,000+ unique properties

• Mortgage calculator

• Map lookup


Zumper is one of the most favored rental markets, with a wide range of acceptable homes and flats for rent. You can search through millions of rental homes and set filters based on your preferences. When looking for a rental home, you can utilise parameters such as price range and number of bedrooms.

The app provides you with real-time notifications so you may search for new homes on the market. You can swiftly move into your new apartment with the instant payment methods. You can take 3D tours of the house you’re interested in renting in person. Zumper is one of the finest real estate apps if you’re looking for a rental property.

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Zumper, Inc. is the developer of Zumper – Apartment Rental Finder.

Price: To be determined

Highlights include:

• Thousands of rental properties

• Convenient filtering

• Real-time notifications

No Broker

No Broker is one of the best real estate apps since it provides comprehensive solutions for property buyers. You can get the best deals on nearby properties to buy or rent. The best aspect is that you may have the lease agreement delivered to your home. When it comes to paying your rent, you have several alternatives. Also check Call Recorder Apps

If you want to split your rent and save money, you can also look for flatmates. You can also buy or sell your office and stores with the No Broker app. You obtain complete information about the property you want to buy, including images and videos.

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Flat, Apartment, House, Rent, Buy & Sell with NoBroker

NoBroker Technologies Solutions Pvt Ltd is the developer.

Standout for no cost Features:

• Select flatmates

• Receive a rental agreement

• Simple to use

99 Acres

The 99 Acres app includes a powerful AI that assists you in swiftly finding the best properties. You can purchase properties directly from the owners or search for properties offered through brokers. Each listing on the app has extensive information on the property you are interested in purchasing. The app has over a million homes available for rent, purchase, and sale.

The app includes a map search feature that assists you in finding properties that meet your requirements. If there are no acceptable properties in your immediate vicinity, you can explore for similar areas. It is one of the best real estate apps because it provides an advanced filter search. You can reach-out to the sellers via WhatsApp or phone to get more information.


99acres Real Estate & Property Developer QR Code:

Standout for no cost

• 1,000,000+ properties

• Detailed listing

• Advanced filter search


Zillow is a prominent place to look for an apartment to buy or rent. A separate rental profile function in the app allows you to communicate directly with landlords. You can take 3D tours of your property before purchasing or renting it. The app includes powerful filters that assist you in finding houses that meet your requirements.

You can learn about the parks, coffee shops, and restaurants in your selected neighbourhood. The software includes Zestimate, which can assess the house’s mortgage worth. One of the best real estate apps is Zestimate, which is one of the most popular mortgage calculators. You can obtain the best buy advice from local real estate specialists.


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Homes for Sale and Rent on Zillow

Zillow, the developer

Price: To be determined


• Separate rental profile

• Local real estate specialists’ advice

• Leading mortgage calculator


With the Redfin app, you can find the newest and best houses at reasonable costs. You can use the search function to find the house you want and store your favourites for later use. You may utilise filters like price, bedrooms, and location in the app. You can draw a radius around the areas you want to include in your neighbourhood.

You might look for properties near schools and colleges so that your children can easily commute. A mortgage calculator is included in the programme for calculating property taxes, HOA fees, and insurance. To get the best perspective of your prospective home, book a free home tour. The user interface is simple, which improves the users’ experience.


Download the Redfin Houses for Sale and Rent QR Code

Standout Developer: Redfin Price:Free

• Book a house tour

• Simple user interface

• Look for a house near a school.


The Realtor app, which has over 200K downloads and ratings, may be the best option for home purchasers. The app’s database features the most recent properties, along with large home images. The Realtor app allows you to virtually view millions of houses at your fingertips. Also check Everyday alternatives

You can also draw a search area on the app’s map to meet your requirements. The app sends you quick notifications so you can stay on top of the latest postings. You’ll learn about each home’s current and historical prices. It also supports Chromecast, making it one of the best real estate apps available.


QR-Code Registration® is a real estate developer.

Price: To be determined

Highlights include:

• Instant notifications

• Property history prices

• Chromecast support


The Nestoria Property app provides exceptional services to buyers and sellers in 40 countries and 15 languages. If the listed property suits your needs, you can contact the advertisers directly. When a new property ad is posted, the app sends out e-mails and notifications.

The app may be filtered by price, location, bedrooms, and publication date. It is offered in major cities such as New York, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, London, and others.


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Mitula Developer: Nestoria Pisos Price: Free Promotion

• Available in more than 40 countries

• Filters

• Excellent service


You may get the best deals on commercial properties, PGs, Villas, and Builder Floors. You can choose from over 20,000 properties on the app based on your requirements. The app’s Smart Integration function allows you to find the best recommendations in your immediate vicinity. You can look for properties near a convenient landmark for easy commuting.

The customised dashboard provides a comprehensive snapshot of your search history and interests. You can also get in-touch with the agents or owners of the properties you’re interested in. The app upholds you up to date on any pricing changes, making it one of the best real estate apps available.


Magicbricks QR-Code Download Property to Buy or Rent Developer: MagicBricks Reality

Services Ltd Price: Free

• Over 20,000 properties

• Find properties near a landmark with smart integration

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best real estate apps for buying a home. These apps provide the best homes throughout the world at reasonable prices. Trulia Real Estate, Zumper, and 99 Acres are three highly suggested apps for users to download. Please leave a comment and your helpful suggestions in the comment box. If you enjoyed our work, you can also share it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which real estate app is the best?

There is no universal real estate app that will work for everyone. As a result, our list offers a variety of options to ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for; the rest is up to the user’s preferences. Trulia Real Estate, Realtor, and Zillow are our top three recommendations in this area.

Can I use the best real estate app to pinpoint the exact location of the property?

Yes, you may get the exact location of the property, as well as detailed coordinates, so you can find it quickly. Many of the apps will also include information about the area’s locale and neighbourhoods, as well as basic amenities.

Is there a free version of the best real estate app?

Although certain elements are available in several of the apps on our best real estate app list, advanced searches require a paid subscription.

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