Best Sofa Brands: your Guide for Sofas and Couches

Having a beautiful sofa set is one of the best ways to make your living room more complete and aesthetically pleasing. The Sofa sets are not just for seating your family and guests, but the correct one can add a boom of colour and prestige to your living room. Hence, it is very important to do some research on different variations before selecting the set which would complete your living room.  

So, let’s have a look at the brands that have produced some of the most Aesthetic and robust Sofas and Couches 

1. Damro 

Founded in 1986, Damro is known to produce some of the most vibrant and sharp sofas designed. Manila, Leco, Proxima are some of it’s best designs. Not just in design, they also produced many variations of sofas and couches. 

2. EVOK 

Launched by Hindware, EVOK is another top furniture brand that deals with everything from tables, sofas to beds on rent. They showcase everything from one seater sofas to three-seater sofas and specialize in wooden sofas. 

3.  Couch Potto 

Based in Bengaluru, Couch potato is one of the top furniture brands that specialize in Sofas, couches, and tea tables. They have a wide collection of sofas including the popular sofa bed in their store. They also have the option to get leather or fabric variants of sofa on rent

4. Urban Ladder 

Founded in 2012, Urban Ladder is quickly becoming one of the most professional and popular furniture brands. They claim to have a variety of sofas in varying colours, designs, shapes, and sizes. Plus they provide coupons as a signup deal to make the purchase cheaper. 

5. Furniturewalla 

Founded in 1999, Furniturewalla is known for premium and luxury furniture. It’s sofa sets are not an exception and come in the same bracket. If you have a satisfactory budget for home décor, then this would be the perfect destination to get your sofa set. They specialize in authentic and antique designs of sofas that are made of genuine wood. What’s more, is that they boast of having politicians and film stars as their clients. 

6. WoodenStreet 

Launched in 2015, as an online furniture brand, the wooden street has grown a lot and now covers over 300 cities, all over India. They offer recliners, sofa cum beds to go along with their regular sofa sets. Chesterfield sofas are also one of their speciality products. To add to this, they also offer sofas on the EMI option to help out the middle-class families who want to beautify their homes. 

7. Royal Oak 

They consider themselves to be one of the best online portals to buy furniture in India. They offer sofas and couches in various materials including leather, fabric and leatherette sofas on rent. They also offer the EMI option for their furniture. Their sofas are claimed to be aesthetically pleasing and made of genuine Oakwood. 

8. FabIndia  

On seeing the name, one may link fabindia to the textile industry in general. But, they are also a big name in the furniture industry. Armchairs, Single Seaters, Revival Sectional are some of their specialities when it comes to sofas and couches. They offer tough and pleasing furniture at quite an affordable price. 

9. Ivory Homes 

Based out of Utah, Ivory Homes quickly made its name in the furniture industry as well. They specialize in cabinets, sofas, and dining sets among the various other furniture items available in their arsenal. 

Conclusion : 

In this article, we hope you found the furniture brand that you were looking for. The brands are known for their tough, beautiful and economical sofas and couches. We hope that this article serves the very purpose it was meant for.

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