TikTok Alternatives or Short Video-Sharing Apps Like TikTok

TikTok has surely become the largest video sharing platform in a short span. Users can create and upload fun multiple short clips with some background music and entertain the world out there. So, Many of them are gaining massive fame with their viral videos.

However, the dominance of TikTok and its continuation has been challenged by many countries. Well, A claim to obscene and inappropriate content has led to people searching for alternatives to TikTok. Now, This is why we have got you some of the exciting apps similar to TikTok; thus, you can become a star on your own & show the self-power.

Is TikTok Dangerous for you?

Currently, TikTok‘s security woes have been the viral story of the month. Well, An internal memo had been released claiming that TikTok might be tapping mails. 

Now, Amazon had asked its employees to uninstall the popular video-sharing app from their phones. Many countries like India have already banned TikTok & 58 other Chinese apps from keeping user’s privacy uptight. U.S. citizens have reported some security concerns related to TikTok, which has led The U.S. government to consider banning the video-sharing application. Further, lawmakers have been calling for an investigation of TikTok’s relationship with its parent company, (ByteDance) and the Chinese government. As well, An estimated 65-80 Million active monthly user’s data in the U.S. has been sold to the Chinese Government. 

Although the company’s spokesperson has wholly denied that statement and said: “We have never presented user data to the Chinese Government, nor will we do so if asked.” This company has More claimed that “TikTok has tried to distance itself from ByteDance, saying on its site that it “does business through subsidiaries of ByteDance Ltd., which is backed by global institutional investors.” 

Top Best TikTok Alternatives In 2020


This popular photo-sharing platform, Instagram, is no less when it comes to offering unique features to its users. This latest update, Instagram Reels, is an ideal platform to fulfill your desire to dance, act, lip-sync on famous tracks, as you can do on TikTok. Besides, you can set the timer to have enough time to get all set. 

As well, With the all-new Instagram Reels, you can make 15-seconds short video, add filters & manage its speed. Even though the update has been recently rolled out, it has grabbed millions of users’ attention. Well, Today it’s one of the closest TikTok competitors, and the best part? Now, You don’t need to install any new application to use the feature. 


It Arrives directly from Vine’s creator, and Byte lets you edit and share looping videos without any hassles. This features an easy to use interface with a set of tools to edit the footage you have recorded with the built-in camera. The Byte is a strong TikTok competitor & lets you shoot six-second videos that can be uploaded on your page.

This short video sharing app gets updated with new features now and then. Now, You can find almost every soundtrack from its vast library. This even offers a color customizer to beautify your video. It is the interface. It is quite similar to TikTok, and you can make quick short videos with limited editing options. 


One of the closest competitors and best TikTok alternatives is Funimate by AVCR Inc. Known for its ease of use, and you can make fun of short videos using its patent technology called Pending. Well, This provides extraordinary effects like real-time additions & transitions. One of the coolest add-ons includes fireball, glitter, heart, etc. to support your video style.

Now, Do not limit yourself to what Funimate provides; the great TikTok alternative helps you add creative effects and finalize the video with smart cut, trim, merge, or editing the way you want. Well, Install this app, similar to TikTok, to enjoy short videos in an instant! 


This next best alternative to TikTok is Lomotif. So, An excellent platform that provides you with an option to upskill your creativity at the next level. Well, Wondering how? You can also personalize your music videos with gestures, filters, GIFs, and much more. Exciting, right? Plus, you are not alone here; you can explore what other users are doing and participate in trending and ongoing challenges.

Now, What interests us most about this TikTok alternative is its ability to create boomerang style quick edits with easy swipes. You can also add any random song to the video, create slideshows and tools to control the whole video, & finally export it into any mode like portrait, square, either landscape.


So, We believe that the charm and fame of Dubsmash are not easy to fade when millions still use & love this short video-making application. This TikTok alternative is pretty easy to use: choose a dub, hit on the record button, make the video by lip-syncing, & share it with the world instantly.

As well, Sounds are updated regularly so that you may not miss any latest track. Apart from, you can enjoy basic editing with this fantastic TikTok alternative. Add filters and directly share your favorite social media platforms – Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, or more. Yeah, sure, consider this app similar to TikTok as your ultimate way to showcase your talent to the world.


Likee is Another popular video-sharing platform, and one of the Best TikTok Alternatives is Likee. This includes several stickers and magical filters to bring your ideas into a new life. Now, Many people come upon this platform to meet celebrities worldwide in one place & make new friends. 

Now, Use filters like exquisite makeup, hair color, superpowers, and magical emotions to enhance video quality. Utilize the in-built dubbing script to recast yourself in famous dialogues with Likee. Therefore, get ready and make fun videos to make a huge fan base using Likee.


Flipagram video maker is a healthy alternative to TikTok, where photos & videos can be added with some background music for a fantastic result. Now, You can choose to view what has been made instantly and manage transitions accordingly.

Here, You can easily import photos/videos from the library, use the built-in camera, the music library, tools to trim, cut both video and audio. Apart from, you can create slideshows with photos and videos. So, Save & share the video with your friends and family once it’s done. Now, With its Flipagram Plus subscription, you can access features to add or remove the watermark, and Ads will be removed instantly. 

Triller: Social Video Platform

Be flawless & show the world your fun side using Triller. Well, This TikTok alternative is a social video community where you can create exciting and interactive content and share it with your followers. All the popular and trending social media challenges can be found here; well, all you require to do is participate in it & outshine in it. Very Simple!

So Interestingly, the final video created look super smooth and professional without any cuts either lag that people would ask you it’s name for sure. It is a popular TikTok competitor with more than 100 filters to go along with and other tools to provide your personalized touch. Next, open your library & add any song you want to.


As well the name entails, Rizzle is stimulated from the word ‘sizzle reel’ that means short promotional video clips. Now, Rizzle is a popular TikTok alternative designed & developed in India. This 60-second video maker app is famous for collaborations and interaction. You can now find several standard contents on the platform in the form of mini-series or talk shows. 

This offers essential tools to create unique binge-worthy video series. Many videos created on Rizzle are known for their authenticity and relevance meant for creators by creators. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Start making videos, connect with creators, and start engaging on Rizzle!

KakaoTalk Cheez

Wanna become a real social media star? Cheez is hither, an excellent TikTok alternative that even gives you rewards for your superb work and number of views, likes, comments, & shares. It is reward size will make you come back every day and create something unique for the whole community. This TikTok competitor is an easy video maker with all the tools to trim, merge, cut, and draw something creative.

Now, Share your videos inside the app only or on any other platform you like. Here, You can choose to start a lip-sync battle, get votes, and enjoy a broad spectrum of challenges. It is the top categories include fashion, lip-syncing, vlogging, comedy, etc. 

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The Best Apps Similar To TikTok! 

Today that you have the best bunch of TikTok alternatives by your side, all you need to do is install this one you liked and groove on the beats. So, Every short video sharing app listed here has its own set of features, functionalities, and editing options to beautify the video. 

Now, Which one is your favorite pick? Here Don’t forget to share it with us in the comment section below. Have a nice musical vibe!

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